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Moscow Championship 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 18:17
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Maryland Open Registration Opens

AGA news - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 15:00

Online registration is now open for the 42nd Maryland Open, scheduled for May 23-24 in Catonsville, Maryland. One of the biggest East Coast tournaments, it will be held at “the same great location, the Catonsville Senior Center,” reports organizer Keith Arnold. Click here to register.
photo: at the 2012 Maryland Open; photo by John Pinkerton

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Jennie Shen Teaches All Ages in Portland, OR

AGA news - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 14:30

Nearly two dozen players ranging in age from single digits to the 70′s attended Jennie Shen’s weekend workshop in Portland, OR the weekend of April 18-19, including four children, a high schooler, three college students, and Haskell Small all the way from Washington, DC. Small, who organized the first US Go Congress, was in town for the opening performance of one of his compositions in Portland.  Thanks to Bill Corry, food, Glen Peters, equipment beast of burden, Peter Drake for hosting us at Lewis and Clark College, and most of all, Jennie Shen our excellent teacher and good friend.
- Peter Freedman


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Nominations Open For 2015 AGA Board Elections

AGA news - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 14:00

The three American Go Association (AGA) regional Board of Director seats are up for election this year. The current terms of office expire this September. Nominations, including self-nominations may be made by full members for the region in which the member resides and must be received by June 15, 2015. Nominations and questions must be emailed to Click here for complete election information and qualifications.

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Euro Go Congress Registration Tops 600

AGA news - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 13:45

Registration has topped 600 for the European Go Congress, scheduled for July 25-August 8 in Liberec, Czech Republic. The Congress will be held at Babylon, a hotel and entertainment complex, consisting of 4-star hotel, large conference halls, 10 restaurants and bars, a famous aquapark and many other facilities; click here for a cool promo video and find out more about the 2-week event on Facebook.

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Your Move/Readers Write: Speed Ratings; Next Generation

AGA news - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 13:00

Speed Ratings: “I stopped by the Hopkins Go Tournament on April 17, and I checked my rating a few days later and found that the tournament had already been rated!” writes Keith Arnold. “I am not sure who to praise on the AGA end, but good job by the first time tournament organizers in getting their data in so quickly.  Makes me wish I had played.” photo (left) by Ning-Yuan Ernest Wang

Next Generation: “Thanks for all the work you put in to publishing the E-Journal every day,” writes Steve Schmeiser. “I recently showed my son my goban and stones and he had a lot of fun placing the stones on the board and hearing them ‘thunk.’  He is also a great kibitzer!  I thought the other members might enjoy this photo of the next generation of go players.”

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League Update

Online League Updates - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 13:00
Draw made for new season division 1

Oslo Open 2015

Euro Go TV - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 05:17
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Bled - Vladimir Omejc Memorial 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 05:17
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3. Herkules Cup 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 05:17
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EuroGoTV Updates: Ireland, Turkey, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia & Slovenia

AGA news - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 17:30

Ireland: The 6th Galway tournament, played 4/25-4/26 in Galway, Ireland, was won by Philippe Renaut 2d. In second place trailed Geoffrey Crespino 3k and third was Piotr Gawron 6k. Result table.

Turkey:The 2nd Cukurova University Go Tournament, played 4/25-4/26 in Adana, in booming go country Turkey, was won by Eren Kurter 2d. Second came Hakki Burak Guner 1d and third was Ilyas Tanguler 1d. In total 57 players participated. Result table.

Norway: The Oslo Open, played from 4/25-4/26 in Oslo, Norway, was won by Paal Sannes 3d. In second place finished Oystein Vestgaarden 3d and third was Severin Hanevik 2d. Result table.

Germany: The 3rd Herkules Cup, played 4/25-4/26 in Kassel, Germany, was won by Hinnerk Stach 2d. Second came Gerd Mex 1d and third was Naichun Guo 1d. Result table.

Poland: In Rzeszów, Poland, freshly promoted 1 dan professional Mateusz Surma (right) organised the Rzeszów GO OPEN tournament. It took place on Saturday the 25th and was won by Mateusz himself. Second came Maciej Lubinski 1d and third was Piotr Dyszczyk 3k. Result table. In the B-group of the same tournament Szymon Pietrucha 20k was the victor, with Ilona Wrobel 18k trailing in second place Michal Dudkiewicz 17k ending 3rd. B group results.

Russia: Several tournaments took place in Russia recently, of which the Moscow Championship was the biggest with 48 participants. It was played 4/25-4/26 in Moscow, Russia and was won by   by Andrej Kashaev 5d. Second came Anton Chernykh 4d and third was young talent Vjacheslav Kajmin 4d (left). Result table.

On the same weekend 26 kids participated in the Championship of Cheljabinsk Under 12, which took place in Cheljabinsk, and was won by Mikhail Podbolotov 11k. Second came Kristina Adrjushchenko 15k and Gleb Polovinkin 15k finished in third place. Result table.

On Saturday 4/25 two other Russian tournaments took place in the cities of Moscow and Perm.
In Moscow, the Be Ready for Go #2 tournament, played was won by Sofia Sgibneva 20k. Second came Grigorij Moreckij 20k and third was Julia Sgibneva 20k. Result table.

In the city of Perm the Dancing Dragon tournament was won by Artemij Pishchalnikov 7k, second came Sergej Korolev 2k and third was Pavel Makarov 2d. Result table.

Slovenia: The Vladimir Omejc Memorial, played 4/24-4/26 in Bled, Slovenia, saw many dan players. It was won by Dominik Boviz 4d. Second came Leon Matoh 5d and third was Gregor Butala 5d.Result table.
- Kim Ouweleen, based on reports from EuroGoTV

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Your Move/Readers Write: Go Barely Mentioned in “Full” History of Board Games Post

AGA news - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 17:00

Go Barely Mentioned in “Full” History of Board Games Post: “Go is mentioned twice in The Full History of Board Games,” writes reader Uri Feigin. “I would expect it to be detailed much more but…”


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Eric Lui Tops Revived Hopkins Tournament

AGA news - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 06:30

The Hopkins Go Club resumed its annual tournament on April 19, after a several-year hiatus. Now called the Blue Jay Spring Cup, the tournament drew 16 participants for the 3-round event, which was topped by Eric Lui 8d, who was undefeated. The other three-game winner was Ning-Yuan Ernest Wang 11k.
photo: Eric Lui (left), playing Saki Fujita 5d; photo by Ning-Yuan Ernest Wang

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UMD Wins Collegiate Go League Championship

AGA news - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 06:00

The University of Maryland has won the Collegiate Go League championship, with UCLA coming in second.  The University of Minnesota came in third. Click here for complete results. Gansheng Shi 1p commentated the top board from several of the matches, and the reviews are available on the ACGA blog.
- Brian Lee

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National Championship- under 10 tournament- qualification 2015

Euro Go TV - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 03:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:24 Sat 02 May 2015

Linzer Go Turnier 2015

Euro Go TV - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 03:17
Author: Newsbot on 15:18 Fri 01 May 2015

Championship of Cheljabinsk Under 12 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 03:17
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Dancing Dragon 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 03:17
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36th WAGC Contestants (draft)

IGF Ranka - Sat, 02/05/2015 - 02:38

57 Countries and Territories

Asia (15) – Middle and Near East (3) – Europe (30) – Africa (1) – Americas (6) – Oceania (2)

Asia Brunei China Chinese Taipei Hong Kong India En-Ru LI Aohua RUN Jyun-Fu LAI Chi Hin CHAN Sandeep DAVE Age: 23 Age: 15 Age: 12 Age: 17 Age: 51 1 Kyu 6 Dan 7 Dan 6 Dan 5 Kyu Indonesia Japan Korea Macau Malaysia Rafif FITRAH Satoshi HIRAOKA Changhun KIM In Hang SAM Fu Kang CHANG Age: 12 Age: 44 Age: 19 Age: 19 Age: 12 4 Dan 8 Dan 6 Dan 5 Dan 5 Dan Mongolia Nepal Singapore Thailand Vietnam Oyutbileg
TSENDJAV Narendra SOWAL Jie Hui KWA Jamkachornkiat KRIT Khanh-Binh DO Age: 26 Age: 17 Age: 19 Age: 26 3 Dan 1 Dan 4 Dan 4 Dan 5 Dan Middle ad Near East Cyprus Israel Turkey Demetris REGGINOS Ofer ZIVONY Hayri KILIC Age: 46 Age: 31 Age: 31 1 Dan 4 Dan 2 Dan

Asia     –    Middle and Near East    –    Europe    –    Africa    –    Americas    –    Oceania     ↑TOP

Europe Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Karen MIKAYELYAN Alexander HUBER Bahadur THAIRBAYOV Aliaksandr SUPONEU Thomas CONNOR Age: 23 Age: 21 Age: 69 Age: 60 Age: 26 6 Kyu 5 Kyu 6 Dan 1 Dan 3 Dan Croatia Czeck Republic Denmark Finland France Dražen ODOBAŠIĆ Ondrej SILT Uffen
Vesa LAATIKAINEN Benjamin PAPAZOGLOU Age: 33 Age: 28 Age: 41 Age: 50 Age: 28 12 Kyu 6 Dan 4 Dan 5 Dan 5 Dan Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Lithuania Johannes OBENAUS Pál BALOGH James HUTCHINSON Matias PANKOKE Ernestas ROMEIKA Age: 23 Age: 29 Age: 38 Age: 16 Age: 22 5 Dan 6 Dan 1 Dan 2 Dan 2 Dan Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Jeremies HERTZ Merlijn KUIN Jonas
Koichiro HABU Pedro CARMONA
Age: 24 Age: 33 Age: 19 Age: 42 Age: 30 2 Kyu 6 Dan 2 Dan 4 Dan 2 Kyu Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Cornel BURZO Timur SANKIN Dusan MITIC Štefan SABO Leopold MATOH Age: 35 Age: 30 Age: 25 Age: 28 Age: 53 6 Dan 6 Dan 6 Dan 2 KYU 5 Dan Spain Sweden Switzerland UK Ukraine Juan PONS SAMELIS Klas ALMROT Sébastien KOCH Desmond CANN Artem
Age: 52 Age: 28 Age: 42 Age: 58 Age: 22 3 Dan 4 Dan 2 Dan 5 Dan 6 Dan

Asia     –    Middle and Near East    –    Europe    –    Africa    –    Americas    –    Oceania     ↑TOP

Africa South Africa Andrew DAVIES Age: 56 3 Dan Americas Argentina Brazil Canada Colombia Costa Rica David POLITER Rudolf PETERSEN Juyong KOH Diego RODRIGUEZ Luis  CAJIAO Age: 38 Age: 64 Age: 35 Age: 33 Age: 36 3 Dan 2 Dan 7 Dan 4 Dan 2 Dan USA Daniel KO Age: 38 7 Dan Oceania Australia New Zealand Raphael SHIN Ju Quiang CHEN Age: 58 Age: 49 7 Dan 2 Dan

Asia     –    Middle and Near East    –    Europe    –    Africa    –    Americas    –    Oceania     ↑TOP

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Be Ready for Go, #2 18-2015

Euro Go TV - Fri, 01/05/2015 - 14:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:56 Tue 28 April 2015
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