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The French Youth Congress visited by Jyeon Park, 4 dan Professional

European Go Federation - Sat, 12/12/2015 - 17:56
The yearly event of French Youth Congress, took place from 17 to 24 October had the pleasure to welcome the visit of Mrs. Jyeon Park 4 dan professional this year.
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Go Take a Bath this Saturday

AGA news - Fri, 11/12/2015 - 01:32

“There are very few things that beat saunas in the winter,” says Boris Bernadsky. “One of them is playing go in the sauna in the winter.” That’s why he’s hosting an unusual go Meet-Up this Saturday at the King’s Spa, a Korean style bathhouse in Palisades Park, NJ. Here’s a link for a discount entrance fee. “The spa has a space separated by gender where the bathing occurs and a coed area where there are many dry sauna and activity areas, including go boards,” says Bernadsky. “I will bring two more just in case.” The spa provides clothing for the coed area. There is also a restaurant, and for $10 extra you get a blanket and can spend the night on a lazyboy — the go event runs from 5p Saturday through 8a Sunday — although as Berndsky notes, playing all night “is not mandatory. Anyway it will be fun!”

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China’s Yuqing Hu Wins Korean Prime Minister’s Cup; Europe’s Christian Pop is 3rd & U.S.’ Eric Lui is 4th

AGA news - Wed, 09/12/2015 - 02:21

China’s Yuqing Hu won the 10th Korean Prime Minister’s Cup (KPMC), held November 22-27 in Seoul. Hu (left) topped a field of 55 countries. Heesu Kim (right) of Korea was second, Christian Pop of Romania took third place, Eric Lui of the U.S. took 4th place with a 5-1 record, and Shinichiro Osawa of Japan was fifth. At 5-0, Lui played for the championship in round 6 against China with both players undefeated, the first time an American has played in the deciding game of an international tournament. This is the second time a Chinese player has won the KPMC; Korea has won seven times and Taiwan has won once. Complete results can be downloaded from the European Go Federation’s report.

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Finland’s Antti Törmänen Newest Nihon Ki-in Pro, First Westerner in Nearly 20 Years

AGA news - Wed, 09/12/2015 - 02:17

Finland’s Antti Törmänen has just been accepted as the newest Nihon Ki-in professional, the first westerner to qualify since the late Hans Pietsch, 18 years ago. Törmänen, 26, is a three-time Finnish champion, and a founding member of the Nordic Go Academy. Törmänen started playing go back in spring 2002, has participated in over a hundred European amateur tournaments, and became an insei at the Nihon Ki-in in Fall 2011. Though he did not reach the top two in the most recent Nihon Ki-in pro exam this fall, winning more than half of his games was deemed enough to qualify. His professional debut is scheduled for April 1st, 2016. “I plan to remain in Tokyo and compete in professional tournaments indefinitely,” Törmänen said in an interview with the European Go Federation. “Early on my salary will be fairly limited, so I imagine I will also be teaching go both online and offline, and possibly writing some go literature in English.” Click here to read his “Go of Ten” blog, where Törmänen’s latest post includes a report (in Japanese) in the Mainichi newspaper about the promotion.
- Chris Garlock, based on reports by Tuomo, an E-Journal reader in Finland, and the EGF Facebook page.

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China Update: Hangzhou Team Wins Jin Li Smartphone Cup

AGA news - Tue, 08/12/2015 - 23:00

The Hangzhou team defied the odds to win the Jin Li Smartphone Cup on December 6. The Cup is actually a 22-round professional league, the biggest in China, also known as the 17th Chinese Weiqi League A. The Jin Li company sponsors a few other tournaments, including amateur tourneys. The Hangzhou team came in first, with the Wuhan team coming in second and the Zhuhai team in third. The Hangzhou team, not being a famous team or really an elite team, was not necessarily expected to win, but pulled through and was victorious in the end. The player with the best record was Ke Jie with a final score of 16 wins and 5 losses. Following him were Zhou Ruiyang with 16 wins and 6 losses, and Wu Guangya with 15 wins and 7 losses. It has been a hot topic that the Shanghai team, the former marquee team, was demoted to the B league, even with elite players like Chang Hao 9P, Qiu Jun 9P and Hu Yaoyu 8P. The Guangxi team was also demoted. This result is considered due to lack of positive competition within a team, in contrast to surge of the younger generation.
- Jonathan Hop, China correspondent for the E-Journal, with updates from Edward Zhang (12/12). 

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Antti Tormanen made it to a professional player!

European Go Federation - Tue, 08/12/2015 - 18:43
On December 8, the Nihon Ki-in announced the Finnish-born Antti Törmänen (26) as a professional go player. Antti will debut as a professional player on April 1, next year. We were very happy for him and asked him for more details about it. He was so kind to answer our questions, which you can read in the following interview.
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Upcoming Go Events: Raleigh, Sacramento, Seattle, Arlington

AGA news - Mon, 07/12/2015 - 20:23

December 11-13: Raleigh, NC
7th Yuan Zhou North Carolina Workshop
Paul Celmer 919-610-0927

December 12: Sacramento, CA
Davis/Sacramento Winter Quarterly
Willard Haynes 916-929-6112

December 12: Seattle, WA
3rd Annual Pair Go Tournament
Brian Allen 206-632-1122 or 206 545-1424

December 12-13: Seattle, WA
Yoonyoung Kim 3P Workshop
Brian Allen 206-632-1122 or 206 545-1424

December 19: Arlington, VA
NOVA presents the Slate and Shell Open
Gary Smith 703-254-6429

Get the latest go events information.

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League Update

Online League Updates - Mon, 07/12/2015 - 12:00
Closed season cancelling 4 matches and drawing 46 games

Syracuse Tourney Draws Upstate Crowd

AGA news - Sun, 06/12/2015 - 18:41

Thirty-two players participated in Syracuse Go Club’s Fall Self-Paired Tournament on Saturday, November 21, with thirteen driving an hour or more to attend (four from Cornell University’s club, two from Rochester’s Empty Sky Go Club, two from near Buffalo, one from Utica, two from the Albany area, and two who drove up from Harrisburg, PA). Free refreshments were provided throughout the tournament, and at the end of the day, every player was able to select a nice prize from the new books kindly provided at a discount by Slate and Shell. The club will hold its annual four-round Salt City Tournament on April 16.
- report/photo by Richard Moseson; click here for our Facebook album of photos from the tournament.

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December 9 Deadline to Register for Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tourney

AGA news - Sun, 06/12/2015 - 14:00

Go players wishing to participate in the 20th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament have until next Wednesday, December 9 to register. All games must be played on the Pandanet server. As in previous years, the registrants are divided into three regions, and in each region further divided into several ranking bands. Winners in each band will receive prizes. In the preliminary round, players play with others in the same band and in the same region. Regional winners then move on to play in the international final rounds. This online tournament is supported by International Go Federation and organized by Pandanet.

The preliminary rounds will be played December 18 through January 11.


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Match Result

Online League Updates - Sun, 06/12/2015 - 12:00
Match now completed between UK Youth and FM Penguins in Division 2. The winner of the match was UK Youth.

Match Result

Online League Updates - Sun, 06/12/2015 - 12:00
Match now completed between Cambridge A and Edinburgh 1 in Division 1. The winner of the match was Edinburgh 1.

Gu Li Dominates Second Round of the Nongshim Cup

AGA news - Sat, 05/12/2015 - 20:31

Choi Cheolhan 9P, the third player from Team Korea, defeated China’s Wu Guangya 6P (who stopped Ichiriki Ryo’s winning streak at the end of Round 1) and Japan’s Ida Atsushi 8P to get the second round of the Nongshim Cup underway November 27 to December 1 in Busan, Korea. Then Choi ran into Gu Li 9P (Team China), who took an early lead and never let go. Gu then beat Japan’s Kono Rin 9P and Korea’s Park Junghwan 9P to extend his winning streak to three. The final round will be played in Shanghai, China, where play resumes on March 1, 2016. Thanks to Gu Li’s dominating performance during this round, China still has three players – Gu Li 9P, Lian Xiao 7P and Ke Jie 9P, while Japan has two, Murakawa Daisuke 8P and Iyama Yuta 9P and Lee Sedol is the last man standing for Korea.
- Adapted from a report on Go Game Guru which includes game records and more photos.

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Myungwan Kim 9P Launches Weekly Go Class in Pasadena

AGA news - Sat, 05/12/2015 - 20:09

Myungwan Kim 9P is launching a weekly go class in Pasadena, California. A continuation of the Acadia Go Center Saturday class, the target level is players from 7 kyu to 4 dan. Lectures will include participant game reviews, dan level game reviews, pro game analysis, openings and more.

The class will be held most Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, at Reiyukai America in Pasadena (Yu Go Club meeting place), 20 N Raymond Ave, Suite 200, Pasadena, CA 91103. Fee: $30 per session. Reiyukai membership ($3/month) is required and is not included in the lecture fee. Class size is limited to 10, and monthly members have priority. Reserve your place by emailing Just showing up does not guarantee seats.

The series began on December 5 and continues on December 12 and 19. The January schedule will be announced soon. You can also check out Kim’s live commentaries here.

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Nick Sibicky talks Pandanet City League; Round 2 Results

AGA news - Sat, 05/12/2015 - 19:55

As the second round of the Pandanet AGA City League  concludes, a few contenders have risen to the top of the field. Two teams in each league have won their first two rounds; Greater Washington and Canwa Vancouver 1 in League A, Washington DC 1 and 2 in League B, and Boston 3 and Atlanta 2 in League C.  The next round will be January 24th. This month bring us a review by Nick Sibicky. He talks about “Seattle’s Secret Weapon” in the A League in his first two games of the season. Sibicky adds that “teams are the way to go” when watching go as a spectator.

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Match Result

Online League Updates - Wed, 02/12/2015 - 12:00
Match now completed between Cambridge A and Warwick in Division 1. The winner of the match was Cambridge A.

Gu Li vs Park Jungwhan in Nongshim Cup Monday Night

AGA news - Tue, 01/12/2015 - 01:33

Tonight’s Nongshim Cup game — which will be broadcast on the AGA’s YouTube channel starting at 9:30pm PST – is Gu Li vs Park Jungwhan. “We were actually the 2nd most watched live show on Youtube Gaming last night in that coveted 12:00am PST/3:00am EST timeslot,” reports Andrew Jackson. “That put us on the front page of and got us a lot of random ‘foot traffic.’  Too bad the show isn’t more geared towards beginners!”
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How Do Online Ratings Compare? OGS Seeks Input for Ratings Survey

AGA news - Mon, 30/11/2015 - 14:00

How do you know what rank to choose when checking out a new go server? Maybe you visited Sensei’s World Wide Rank Comparison, maybe you guessed. “The team at OGS wants to dispel some of this mystery, so we’ve created a quick and easy survey to collect feedback about ranks of popular servers and we’d really appreciate your participation,” says Akita Noek. The brief survey takes less than two minutes to complete and you can see the results as soon as you are done. “So far we’ve garnered about 650 responses, but only 86 data points contain AGA data, which is a little over half of what we have for the EGF (146 responses),” says Noek, “so we’d really like to fill that gap a bit in order to get a good rank mapping to and from AGA ranks for the various servers.”

“The results will be used by OGS to further refine our rankings and ratings and bring our system in line with our users’ expectations,” says Noek. “We’re collecting rank data for all the main major servers as well as the AGA and EGF, as well as community impressions about how they feel about the ranks on different servers/organizations. We’ll be making the results of the survey public in both a summarized form as well as the raw data for anyone to use.”

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The Power Report: Iyama regains sextuple crown; Surprise leader in Honinbo League; Women’s Meijin League; Judan semifinalists; Xie regains Women’s Honinbo title

AGA news - Mon, 30/11/2015 - 00:35

by John Power, Japan correspondent for the E-Journal

Iyama regains sextuple crown: The third game of the 41st Tengen title match was held at the Munakata Yurix* in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture on November 25. Taking black, Iyama Yuta (right) forced Takao Shinji (left, in white shirt) to resign after 147 moves. Iyama took a decisive lead in the first large fight of the game and wrapped it up by killing a large group. This win won back the title he lost to Takao on December 19 last year. He also once again held six of the top seven titles; this is his third sextuple crown. Overall, this is his 34th title, and his winning streak is now 24, which puts him in equal second place in modern tournament records with Rin Kaiho, Hon. Tengen. With his twelfth successive win in title matches, he also equals another record, one set by Sakata Eio. Iyama’s cumulative record in title matches is 100 wins to 49 losses, a winning percentage of 67.1%. Click here for Go Game Guru’s report, with game records and more photos.
* the Munakata Yurix is an elaborate complex of facilities including a large library, planetarium, various halls, and sporting facilities.

Surprise leader in Honinbo League: A surprising player has taken the sole lead after just two rounds in the 71st Honinbo League. The final game of the second round was played on November 26, and league newcomer Motoki Katsuya 7P (W) beat Yamashita Keigo 9P, the top-ranked player in the league, by 1.5 points. Motoki is the only player on 2-0.

Women’s Meijin League: In a game played on November 26, Chinen Kaori 5P picked up her first win. Playing white, she beat Kato Keiko 6P by resignation. Chinen was already doomed to lose her league place, but this win ensured that she had the company of Kato (both are on 1-4).

Judan semifinalists: In the Judan tournament, in which the focus of interest is Iyama’s attempt to go for a genuine grand slam, two more semifinalists have been decided. Imamura Toshiya 9P beat Ichiriki Ryo 7P and will face Iyama in one semifinal. Shida Tatsuya 7P beat Kobayashi Satoru 9P and will meet either Yo Seiki 7P or Takao Shinji 9P in the other semifinal.

Xie regains Women’s Honinbo title: After a gap of two terms, Xie Yimin has won back the Women’s Honinbo title. The fifth game of the 34th title match was played at the Nihon Ki-in on November 27. Taking white, Xie (right) won by resignation after 272 moves. Fujisawa Rina (left) had looked like defending her title when she won the first two games, but then Xie made a stubborn fightback to take the next three. As she also holds the Women’s Meijin and Women’s Kisei titles, Xie once again has a triple crown.

Retirement: Ogoshi Ichiro 8P retired as of November 30. Born in Oita Prefecture on November 7, 1954, Ogoshi became a disciple of Kitani Minoru and made pro 1-dan in 1976. He reached 8-dan in 1999. After retirement, he plans to devote himself to spreading go in Kushiro City, Hokkaido.

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Japanese Go Exchange Visits Mexico

AGA news - Sun, 29/11/2015 - 20:02

“Mexico gladly welcomed the Sociedad Internacional de Intercambio de Go  (SIIG) from Japan, for the first three days of October,” reports Sid Avila. SIIG is a delegation of players, built mainly by retired business men and women, who travel around the world playing and sharing through go.

This is the fourth time SIIG has visited Mexico, and they went to three locations on this trip: Pipiolo art elementary school where Siddhartha Avila teaches a curricular go program; National University, where Emil Garcia leads a team of instructors who teach at open workshops; and Ejoki Buddhist Temple where Ricardo Quintero teaches go on weekends.

Ms. Marcela Zepeda, the principal of  Pipiolo, introduced the Japanese group to the students on the first day. The children performed traditional dances and Mexican songs, followed by a rengo atari-go game with kindergarden children, and a three round pair-go tournament with 36 pairs of Japanese go players and Mexican school children mixed.

The university venue, on October 2nd, was the Contemporary Arts University Museum square, where a Mexico-Japan tournament was held in a 4 round system. Japan won all four rounds and a crystal tablet was given to  SIIG President Sugime Masanao by Daniel Morales, the Mexican Go Association’s treasurer, as acknowledgment of their visit. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor, with Emil Garcia and Sid Avila. 

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