Finals 2009

Results of the UK Go Challenge Finals 2009:

The finals were in Cambridge again, at Milton Community Centre, on Saturday 27th June.
55 of the best players from 10 school heats and other youngsters tookpart. There was a special Challengers' Tournament section for those very new to the game.
Section winners were:
U18 Boys  - Matthew Hathrell (Finham Park School, Coventry)
U16 Boys  - Mazhar Warraich (King Edward VI, Aston)
U14 Boys  - Tian Ren Chen (Loughborough)
U12 Boys  - John Cremin (King Edward VI, Aston)
U10 Boys  - Akito Oyama (Cambridge)
U8 Boys   - Stefan Wiecek (St Mary's, London)
U18 & Top Girl - Crystal Zhang (Grantham)
U14 Girls - Danielle Ward (Cambridge)
U12 Girls - Sijia Yao (Milton, Cambridge)
U10 Girls - Roella Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U8 Girls  - Sophie Broad (Bookham, Surrey)

Overall place winners:
1st - Tian Ren Chen
2nd - Mazhar Warraich
3rd - Matthew Hathrell

On 5/6: Jack Drury (Aston)

Challengers' Tournament - Annalise Nwaodor (St Mary's)

Champion School - Aston (beat Loughborough 2-1)
Champion Primary School - Milton (beat St. Mary's 3-0)

All section winners also got a framed certificate showing their achievement. Renzhi Zhou got the puzzle-solving prize and the lower aged players on 4/6 got a prize too.

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