Go Justification


Go has very simple rules so the game is easy to learn and teach.

It is an intellectual challenge even for the very able.

Players with very different levels of ability can enjoy playing together. The handicapping system allows for an evenly contested game by giving the weaker player some extra stones to play at the start of the game.

Draws are rare so there is nearly always a winner. In fact draws can be prevented altogether by using the "komi" rule.

The equipment (the board and stones) is inexpensive and can be easily improvised.

Go improves a child's attitude to learning.

Go builds self-confidence, for example dyslexics have been successful at learning and playing Go.

Go enhances Thinking Skills programmes in schools.

Go provides some insights into Asian cultures (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

Go provides opportunities for inter-school co-operation and competition (for example the UK Go Challenge).

Go encourages strategic thinking.

Go can be played by those of any age and those with physical disabilities.

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