Big Eyes


A group with one big eye, like these, might be dead or alive, or it could be unsettled. To work it out, you need one idea, and you already know it! Here it is again.



To have two eyes, you need a nose between them!

So, if you've got a group with just one big eye, one thing to do is to work out whether you can make a nose for it or not.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

You know this one already. There's nowhere to put a nose, so it's dead.

If you want to remind yourself how Black can capture it, you can click the link below to make sure.

check it out
You know this one already too. If White plays at x he makes a nose. If Black plays at x, there's nowhere left for a nose, and the group dies. So it's unsettled at the moment.

If you're not quite sure about this, have another look at the page about unsettled groups and vital points.

This one is new. Can you work it out before reading on?

It's alive! White can make a nose by playing at either A or B. If Black plays one of them, White simply plays the other.


Here are a couple more shapes worth knowing. Work out whether each one is alive, dead or unsettled, and find the vital points.


This shape is called the
bulky 4.
This one is called the pyramid, or sometimes the coolie's hat.


You'll see plenty more interesting big-eye shapes as you go along, and you can work them out in the same way. For now, take a break, and when you're ready for more, click where you want to go.

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