Drive the opponent to the edge


A useful word
A stone or group of stones that has only one liberty, so that the opponent can capture it, is said to be in atari (as in the computer). In this position, the white stone is in atari.

Here's some of the bottom edge of a board. Black has two ways to put the white stone in atari. Can you find them both? Which one do you think is better?

This is one way, but leaves White with three liberties. It looks as if he's going to escape!

This is the other way. White can get out of atari by playing , but this time he ends up with only two liberties. This is better.

Can you see what Black does next?

Black can play another atari with ! (He can do it on the other side instead if he likes).

Now if White tries to escape with , he still only has one liberty. Next ...

Black captures him!



Driving your opponent towards the edge is often a good way to trap him.




When the stones are further from the edge, it's a little harder, but Black can trap the white stone here too.

Should Black play his first move at A or B? Click the one you think!


Take a break!

That was a tough problem! Take a moment to recharge your batteries. When you're ready for more, click where you want to go.

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