Unsettled Groups & Vital Points


You know that this black group is alive, because it has two eyes, so there's no way for White to capture it.

And you probably know that this black group is dead, because White can capture it whever he likes, and Black has no way to save it.

If you want, you can click the link below to make sure.

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But what about this black group?

It depends whose move it is! Take a look at this.


Black is alive Black is dead


A group which could end up dead or alive depending on who plays first is called unsettled.

A point where both sides want to play, like the one marked with an x here, is called a vital point.


Go Proverb

A Go Proverb is a wise saying about Go that has been handed down through the centuries. There are quite a lot of them.

Did you notice that in the position we just looked at, the point Black wanted to play to live was the same as the one White wanted to play in order to kill the group? That's an example of this Go Proverb ...

My opponent's vital point is my own vital point.



Challenge! Find the vital point!

On this 9x9 board there are four Black groups. Two are alive, one is dead, and one is unsettled. Can you work out which is which and find the vital point for both Black and White?

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Take a break!

Question: What is both alive and unsettled at the same time?

Answer: Spike (my pet rhino). He's playing up a bit. Better go and take him for a walk.

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