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Clubs Census 2011

The UK is home to around 75 Go Clubs, of many types and sizes. It seems likely that most Go played in the UK happens at these clubs—and that most recruitment and organised or collective study happens via them, too, as well, of course, as most tournament organisation and so on. We know where and when these clubs meet, and our website has a comprehensive list which individual clubs can now update themselves when changes happen. However, there are many other things we’d like to know, to find out if there is more the BGA could do to support clubs, and perhaps also what clubs would be willing to do to promote the BGA. So ... we're asking.

We would appreciate it if anyone who attends a Go Club would be kind enough to answer these questions - just the first section if it's all you have time for, or both sections if you're able. If you want to go into more detail, you can email answers to Council member Jenny Radcliffe. If you attend more than one club, and have the time to answer the questionnaire multiple times, we will be most grateful! The more information we have, the better we can understand the state of British Go.

Please give contact details if you wouldn't mind us contacting you for further ideas, etc..

Which Go Club(s) do you attend? (The first one listed should be the one you're talking about during this survey.)
How often, approximately, do you attend a Go Club?
How many players, roughly, do you expect there to be at the Go Club sessions you attend?
Does your Go Club do any routine recruitment drives or exercises? If so, what?
Does your Go Club (to your knowledge) currently have any BGA equipment, e.g. demonstration boards, etc? If so, what?
Is there any way in which the BGA could, in your opinion, help your (or other) clubs? If so, what?
Are you and your fellow members of your Go Club aware that it is now possible to join the BGA, and to renew membership, online, and if so, are you making use of this facility?
Your name
Your email address

Supplementary Questions

We would very much appreciate it if people who have time could answer these supplementary questions.

If your Go Club meets in a public space, do you get asked questions about Go, and how do you respond?
About how often does your Go Club get new members (whether novices or experienced players)?
Does your Go Club do any social activities together (e.g. Christmas parties, etc.)?
Does your Go Club have a library (either of its own books or of those belonging to members), and/or make use of books as a club?
If your club meets in the evening or in a pub, do you have any provision for youth players being able to get a game?
Do you (personally) play online, or only at clubs/tournaments?
Is there anything that you feel you could or would like to do for the BGA and/or British Go?
Is there anything else you think we should have asked, or should be aware of, regarding the state of Go as played in UK clubs etc?

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