GoDraw Manual - HELP

The on-screen help in GoDraw is context sensitive i.e. available from the F1 function key or via the Help? button located at the top right of any window. This produces a popup window describing the function carried out by the control selected.

All technical terms relevant to pairing are defined in the [Glossary] at the end of this manual

In order to familiarise yourself properly with the draw editing features, you can set options in the Training form Accessed from the Settings menu. Set the Draw Mode to 'model' to use a simple draw which allows repeat pairings. You then edit the draw when done, to remove the repeats!

You can also set the probability that a player does not get paired at all. This can happen in real life if you impose too many restrictions on the draw via the [Group] function for example. You will then need to edit the draw manually.

Of course in normal circumstances there should be no need to edit the draw. It is Sods law however that when you do need to, you will be doing tthis under pressure and so GoDraw has made this as easy as possible. It is your duty as DrawMaster to be prepared for this eventuality!

Error Messages
When GoDraw beeps it is usually because you have pressed an invalid key, and you will then find a message in the left side of the main screen status bar. If there is no message then it is just Windows.

You are given a warning box when deleting players or trying to exit GoDraw with unfinished edits in progress.

Bug Reports
GoDraw has been tested thoroughly on a variety of systems, but it is a fact of life that bugs lurk in software, and so it is best to take a pragmatic approach to the issue. GoDraw logs its detected errors to a file with name "GoDrawLOG.txt" found in the same folder as GoDraw.exe.

If you do get a software error alert, please just exit GoDraw and email the error log to [BGA DrawProgram] with a description of the event. There is no point in emailing anything to the vendor of the operating system! Errors will be dealt with promptly. Very often the error will vanish on reloading the program.

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