GoDraw Manual - PRINTOUTS

The ordering of the players in the printout is determined by the current ordering of the register, and is shown in the header of the printed register.The register is printed at the rate of 45 players per page and contains all the information you typed when entering the player into the register.

The first column always shows the player entry number, no matter what the sorted order is. A 'tick' mark next to the player's ID indicates that the player is 'Registered'.

Draw & Results
The draw is printed according to the room layout specified in the Rules menu, at the rate of 35 boards per page. If you did not specify a layout, GoDraw puts everyone into room 1. Even if your tournament is played in one large hall, it is a good idea to divide it into 'rooms' consisting of consecutive rows. This avoids overcrowding to see the published draw.

The main heading in the draw shows the the round number, the tournament name, the room number and the range of boards on the current page. Any handicaps or extra komi stones are printed as well as the player names. GoDraw allocates handicaps and komi stones according to the settings in Rules. These can be overridden by editing the draw.

Players can enter their game results in the space provided next to each name. The best method is to write a 1 next to the winner and a 0 next to the loser. Write J next to each for a jigo.

The printout of results is a copy of the draw printout but with the actual result shown next to each name. Comparison of the results printout with the original draw is simple. You will probably not easily be forgiven for making a mistake in a result entry, so it well worth the time taken to do this check.

Rank List
The Rank List shows all the game results for all players up to the current round at the rate of 50 players per page. It orders players in the rank order specified by the tie breaks chosen in Rules. The printout can be configured in the Preferences to suppress either Club or Country information or to replace names by their short form encoding. So even for long tournaments you can provide all the player information on one A4 line.

The rank list always shows the number of wins and the McMahon score. It contains up to two additional columns showing the tie break values as specified in Rules. A player who has not played any rounds so far is left out of the list.

Prize List
The prize-list omits all game details and is sorted in order of Wins,then Grade. Only players with wins at or above the Prize Threshold setting in Rules are shown.

The cards print contains full game details organised along the lines of a manual card system. These are printed in rank order and opponents are identified by rank number as in the Rank list. The printout can easily be cut up to produce small cards, and this can be useful if you are trying to override the draw algorithm in some special way.

Direction of draw ie up, down, or even is marked. The field marked C indicates colour imbalance( excess of white games over black games) and the field marked M indicates McMahon imbalance(excess of games played up over games played down).

If the printer setting is 'Portrait' mode, there are 24 cards per A4 page dimensioned to conform to standard A4 label sheets. In 'Landscape' mode there are 12 cards per page, arranged as 4 rows of 3.

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