Obsolete: Teaching Equipment Resources

See here for an up to date list of equipment and other material.


We have a range of resources used for teaching, demonstrations, publicity, etc. This is listed below, together with the official currently responsible for the equipment:-

  • 19x19 Demonstration Board: Toby Manning, Peter Wendes
  • 9x9 Demonstration Board: Toby Manning, Tony Atkins, Jenny Radcliffe, Francis Roads
  • 9x9 sets Toby Manning (20), Tony Atkins(20)
  • 19x19 sets on leatherette boards: Jenny Radcliffe (6)

Publications, Leaflets and other Documents

We have a number of leaflets, guides and other publicity material which are available for use.

In addition there is some helpful information in the part of the Club Organisers' Handbook which contains information about starting a club, publicity and teaching beginners.

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