Shodan Challengers 2007-2008

Here are the BGA members who have signed up to the Shodan Challenge

NumberNameMentorInitial Kyu RatingTarget RatingCurrent RatingHighest Rating
7001Helen HarveyTBA313.3-
7002Edwin BradyTBA312.8-
7003Alan CameronTBA12912.6-
7004Matthew ArdronTBA1048.9-
7005Pat RidleyTBA131013.1-
7006John CollinsTBA17516.0-
7007Ingrid JendrzejewskiTBA857.9-

Note: some recently signed up challengers do not have mentors yet or may not included at present in this list.

Ratings shown are the grade equivalents based on the BGA analysis of the monthly EGF Ratings. Highest rating is since the start of the challenge only.

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