Introduction and format rules



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Introduction and format rules

You import a list of players by supplying a tab-delimited text file (the register file) containing the player details. This file can be read when you choose the Import register option on the File Menu. The file is examined for any format or player duplication errors, and the first error is reported with a line number indicating its position in the file. In this case no players will be imported.

If the file is error free, all the players are added to the register. The format rules governing register import are exactly the same as for manual entry via the keyboard. These are defined in the following sections.

The register file itself is a tab delimited text file which can be produced by hand, using an editor such as Notepad or a spreadsheet application or something similar. The file consists of a sequence of lines.

Each line is a sequence of fields separated by the TAB key, and terminated by carriage return/line feed. Each field is a text string which may contain spaces, or other characters or may be empty. Fields are case insensitive. Completely empty lines are ignored in the scan of the register file.

The first line is the header. It consists of a sequence of keywords separated by TAB. No specific order of fields is specified for the header. It is assumed that subsequent lines have exactly the same number of fields and the same order as the header.

The allowed keywords are:

  • ID,REG,
  • One of the name representation keywords must be present. The keywords GRADE and CLUB are mandatory, but all others are optional. If a keyword is specified, but a player field for that keyword is empty, then some default will be used to specify the field completely. These defaults are defined along with the detailed formats below.


    You can supply a player number for your own purposes if you wish.

    This number is ignored during the scan of the register file. GoDraw generates its own unique player number which can never be changed. Deletion of a player does not affect internal numbers for remaining players. The default is the empty string.


    Must be 'r' or 'R' to indicate the player is registered, and empty if the player is not registered.

    If you import after close of registration, this field is ignored and players are automatically registered. Any imported player will start playing in the next round, and all remaining rounds of the tournament.

    The default is not registered before close of registration, and registered after close of registration.


    The conventional form is GivenName MiddleName FamilyName. Any of the name parts is a sequence of alphabetic characters and may include apostrophe (') or hyphen (-). You cannot have more than one apostrophe or hyphen in a row. Any of these must be preceeded and followed by an alphabetic character. Only the Middle name can have embedded spaces. The first character in any name part will be capitalised. The field cannot be empty.

    This is just the FamilyName part of the name in a separate field. The field cannot be empty.

    If the GIVEN keyword is specified, the FAMILY keyword must be specified as well. The field is interpreted as GivenName MiddleName. The field may be empty.

    This field has exactly the same format as for NAME.

    The field is interpreted in the form: FamilyName GivenName MiddleName.


    This field is mandatory and must be one of:

    Professional players
    1p to 9p.

    Dan players
    1d to 7d; any higher is professional.

    Kyu players
    1k to 99k.

    Before close of registration an unknown grade can be represented by one of 0p, 0d, 0k. After close of registration, all grades must be known. There is no default.


    A ClubName is a sequence of alphabetic characters and can have embedded spaces or hyphens. A hyphen must be preceeded and followed by an alphabetic character. Two or more sequential embedded spaces are contracted to a single space. There is no default

    A CountryName has the same format as a ClubName. The default is UK.


    This is a sequence of integers separated by space or underscore [ _ ].

    An integer r is interpreted as specifying that the player is attending round r of the tournament. The round specifications do not have to be in order.

    Example 1
    "1 3 5" or "1_5_3" mean that player is present for rounds 1, 3, and 5, but not 2 or 4.

    Example 2
    "4" means that player is only playing in round 4.

    Example 3
    "_ _ _" Player will not play in any round.

    The default is empty, which is interpreted as specifying that the player is attending all rounds.


    A Group consists of a single character group identifier followed by a single character group attribute - no spaces are allowed. Valid group identifiers and attributes are:

    Super group
    Digit [1 .. 9] followed by colon [:]

    Top McMahon group
    Digit [0] followed by colon [:]

    Selective groups
    Alphabetic [A .. Z] followed by one of [*] [~] [+] [-]
    This field is not mandatory. The default is the empty string.

    Please see the Glossary for the meaning of the different attributes.


    This field is not mandatory and can be any text you like. Leading and trailing spaces are excised. The default is the empty string.