Main Screen

The bulk of the manual focuses on running a tournament using the GoDraw V6 program. This introduction is a first look at the system. The on-screen help for the program defines how to use each menu option, button or other control. It is useful to have GoDraw up and running while reading this manual.


All the functions found in the menus are described in the on-screen help; following is a brief outline:

This contains all the expected file administration functions such as New, Open, Backup and others. Printer setup is in a separate menu. GoDraw always starts with the current active tournnament.
Here is where you define the tournament rules; set preferences for customising the appearance or behaviour of GoDraw; and set the program into training mode.
Print Shop
Provides full printing facilities for Register, Draw, Results, Ranklist, Prizelist, and Cards. You can also set up the printer and test it here.
Viw on-screen Ranklist, Prizelist; Simulate/Clear results when the Draw Mode is 'Model' or 'Test'; and view the Pairing Report produced whenever you produce a Draw.
Breaks down the on-screen help system into an Overview, Menus, and Main Screen. The Help| About form shows the amount of memory available to the program.
Main Screen
The screen is divided into two panes. The larger, left hand pane is the register, and you add new players on the last line. Edit your text, then press the Return or Enter key. Players can be added at almost any time but not during critical periods such as draw editing or the time between closing the register and doing the draw for round 1. Players can be deleted by selecting a block, then pressing the Delete key.

Below the register are two separate groups. The first allows you to adjust the various bars at close of registration. The second shows you all the important counts you need during the progress of the tournament.

The smaller right hand pane contains the draw and the results. You can edit the draw by either dragging and dropping, or by first clicking on the player you desire to be Black, and then on the player you desire to be White. You can edit the handicap and also specify the number of komi stones to be taken if you desire this to be shown on the draw printout.

All results are entered via keystroke with automatic advance to the next empty board. When a batch of 5 results is entered, press the Return key to see the next batch of 5 missing results. If you click a result and then hover you will be reminded of the available result codes.

Pop-up menus
Right click on the register displays a popup menu giving access to a Player Details form with fully detailed information on all opponents and results. You can also change the initial McMahon score using this form.

Right click on the Draw or the Results grids also gives a popup menu with an additional form allowing you to compare the details for the players on the seleceted board side by side.

Control Panels
Above each pane is a control panel providing all the commonly used functions for running the entire tournament. All other functions are acessed via the main menu or the pop-up menus.

Operator information
The status bar at the bottom of the main screen is divided into sections. The left contains information and error messages. The right contains the current tournament status which defines the functions currently available to you.