Internet Go

Schools Internet Go

For some time there have been several schools interested in playing Go on the Internet. However, they couldn't do it because the way their school networks were set up stopped them using Go servers like Pandanet-IGS and KGS.

One of our members, Alex Selby, has written a web-based Go server, which you can get to from the Go server's Page. You might have heard some people call this server SIG, which stands for Schools Internet Goserver.

All the schools which have tried to use this server so far have been able to use it.

Please have a look at the server. If you want to try playing on it, but don't find anyone there when you look, please email the Youth Development Officer and we will arrange something for you.

Online Grand Prix

We have been planning to set up an online youth grand prix on the PlayOK games server. More information will appear here sometime. In the meantime we were organising some informal tournaments on PlayOK. These can be found in the list of private tournaments in the Go section of PlayOK, organised by timetraveller or omweso. They were usually early on Monday evenings.

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