Junior Site Guide

In our Junior Section you will find lots of information about the UK Go Challenge, the British Youth Go Championships, our Youth Grand Prix and other Go activities for young people. This is a great time to be involved with Go when more and more schools are getting involved with the game, and Go has recently been recognised internationally as a sport by the international sports federation called SportAccord.

Please remember too that we are always interested in knowing what is going on in your Go club. If there is any help that you need, please let us know.

Things you can do or find out about on this site, and related sites:

  • The UK Go Challenge is a national competition for schools. It has been running continuously since 2010, and over 1,000 children have taken part.
  • The British Youth Go Championship is the annual tournament where national youth titles are decided.
  • In our Youth Grand Prix each year juniors win points by competing in tournaments around the country. There is an annual prize fund of £100!
  • You can find out about Go workshops for schools on the site zenmachine of our Education Officer, Peter Wendes.
  • The schools' Go server SIG was specially written by Go player Alex Selby to be easy for schools to use. It doesn't involved downloading or installing any software.
  • Our Youth Representatives can help schools with Go clubs or who want to start a club.
  • There are lots of ways to improve your Go, including our Certificate Scheme where you can solve puzzles in three levels on different themes.
  • Juniors who are serious about improving their Go can take part in the Online Study Group.
  • You can join our Youth Go e-mail list.
  • See the latest grades for junior players, and find out about kyu grading certificates.
  • Read about our plans for youth Go and other useful things for teachers and organisers.

Last updated Thu Dec 04 2014. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.