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Bob Scantlebury


"I am from the north (Rochdale) and learned to play Go in 1975 at the age of 18 from my brother Stuart who was a board game fanatic. I went up to Oxford (Biochemistry) in the same year, but did not pursue Go as much as rowing (and drinking of course!). I went down in 1979 when I took up Go again in Manchester after starting work as a software developer (CAP – anyone heard of them?).

I was posted to London where my Go career took off and I reached the dizzy heights of 6 kyu in about 1982. Then things went quiet and I didn’t take up Go again until 2003 (after many adventures) when I started playing with a friend again in Manchester. I have only just managed to reclaim being a 6 kyu in the modern era.

I am single, retired and living in Sheffield where there is an active Go club. Interests include philosophy, Zen, beer, walking and counselling (I am a psychotherapist in my spare time)."

December 2014

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