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Michael Kyle


-Introduced to go around 2014 by the BGA presence at Japanese cultural events

-Started to play in November 2015.

-Normally plays at least once a week at the Manchester club.

-Loves a moyo and picks unnecessary fights on the go board.

Status: Active

Jon Diamond

Grade: 6 dan

Jon is a retired IT professional living in East Sussex and learnt to play Go at school at the tender age of 14, becoming 1 dan and British Champion in 1965. He was Champion for 11 of the next 12 years, ending up by being promoted to 6 dan, but retiring to spend more time with his family (as they say) in 1977. In retirement he did represent the UK at the first World Amateur in 1979 and has been part of the UK team from the start of the Pandanet European Go team Championship.

As well as being on the BGA Council for many years in the 1970’s Jon founded the Go club at Cambridge University, started the British Go Journal and was editor for several years. More recently he produced the now obsolete BGA CD. (Barry Chandler insists he was co-editor of BGJ 146, focussing on the World Mind Sports Games - Jon isn't so sure...). He returned to playing Go competitively a few years ago, but is only playing at about 4 dan strength (on a good day) and represented the UK at the World Mind Sports Games in 2008 and 2012.

When at University Jon was one of the early pioneers in Computer Go and his programme was one of the two involved in the first inter-computer game of Go in 1970.

He was elected President in 2009 and retired in 2016.

29th November 2010, revised April 2013 and August 2016

Status: Active
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Joanne Leung


Joanne finds Go fascinating due to its complexity and the uniqueness of each game. Since the age of seven, she has never stopped sharing her enjoyment – she promotes this ancient game as she wishes everyone in the world could play it and love it like she does. Not only does she teach Go in primary schools, she also founded Go clubs in her university and secondary school.

Being part of the British Go Association, she hopes to improve links between the British and the Chinese community, provide support to start and maintain university Go clubs, and most importantly, bring new ideas to the Council.

Status: Active

Tony Pitchford


Auditor from 2018.

Status: Active

Neil Sandford


Taught to play in the early 1970s, and retired at 4kyu after being asked to 'entertain' a friend's Japanese father (3 dan), having to play two games with 4 stones (was something lost in translation?) and winning them both. That was it for Go until I stopped playing golf about ten years ago and picked up the stones again instead.

Currently event organiser at the Edinburgh club, running a U3A (University of the Third Age) Go group in Haddington and helping at the James Gillespie school in Edinburgh. I am uniquely well-placed to teach beginners having been one myself for 45 years.

Status: Active

Paul Smith

Grade: 2 dan

Paul, 50, lives in Cambridge. He works as a software developer at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. He learned to play Go when he was 9 years old from a book by the games collector R C Bell. He later started a Go club in his school and they competed in the British Schools Championship in 1980.

He was promoted to 1-dan in 1993 and 2-dan in 1996. In the same year he played on board 2 for the UK team at the European Teams Championship in Zlin. He was the British Small Board Go champion in 2008.

Paul helps to organise the Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club which has now been running for 18 years, and also a Go club in Milton Primary School. His wife and three children all play Go and at the Oxford Go tournament this year the whole family for the first time all played in the same event.

He represented the UK at the second World Mind Sports Games and was a Council member from 2011 to 2013.

August 2012, revised April 2013

Status: Active 01223 563932

Toby Manning

Grade: 1 dan

Toby learned the rules of Go when he was a teenager in the 1960’s, but it was when he went to Cambridge University in 1971 that he first really concentrated on the game. During his time there he got to be 1 kyu, and was Secretary then President of the University Go Society. He organised the first Cambridge Go Tournament (subsequently called the Trigantius).

His career then took him to Bristol, London, Leamington Spa and Leicester, and in all places he was a keen member of the local club. He helped arrange each Club’s tournaments – the Wessex, London Open, Warwick and Leicester – and has organised three British Congresses as well as many Three Peaks Tournaments.

He got to be 3 dan in 1994, when he won his first tournament (the Three Peaks) although he is now playing at 1 dan (although he denies that he has got weaker); in 2002 he won the Irish Open. He has also won tournaments in Cornwall, Sheffield and Cheshire.

He was a Council member from 1976 to 1979 when he was elected President following Brian Castledine’s death, serving for 4 years. He rejoined Council in 2008, during which year he was non-playing captain for the UK Go team at the First World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, becoming Treasurer in 2011. In 2018 he stepped up to become President, following the untimely death of Roger Huyshe.

After a career in the Electricity Industry with CEGB, National Grid Company and then as an Independent Consultant, he retired in 2014.

He is married to (non go-playing) Felicity, with no children.

23 April 2018

Email Toby at:

Status: Active
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Peter Wendes


Visit Peter's web site at

Status: Active 02392 267648

Tony Atkins

Grade: 3 dan

Tony started working full time on Go in 2004, but has plenty of previous experience promoting and teaching the game. He was BGA Secretary for many years and was elected to the executive of the European Go Federation in 2000, serving a period as President. He is an amateur 3 dan player having learned the game over 30 years ago. He lives in Reading.

The KisekiGo web site,, describes Tony’s introductory workshops and his sessions for players who have just started to play Go and who want to know more.


Email Tony at:

Status: Active 0118 9268143

Martha McGill


Martha, 23, is studying for a PhD in History at Edinburgh University. She first learned Go from Matt Crosby at the age of 19, and has played with varying degrees of dedication since.

She represented the UK at the second World Mind Sports Games.

August 2012

Status: Active