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19-Feb: UK Youth Team lose to Romania

On Saturday 27th January 2018, the UK youth team played their third match, against Romania. The latter were 'on a roll', having won 5-0 in their previous match. We also lost by 0 boards to 5. This was in the European Youth Go Team Championship 2017/18 (EYGTC). Please follow that link for names of the complete UK youth team squad.

After two rounds, the UK were sitting in fifth place out of 12 teams, and so faced a strong team in the third round.
Some of our strongest players were not available but, even if they had been, it would have been an uphill battle to defeat Romania.

Charlotte Bexfield, Josh Gorman and Wenzhou Mei fought hard on boards 1-3, against...

19-Feb: UK Youth Team narrowly lose to Hungary

Starting on Saturday 10th February 2018, the UK youth team played their fourth (& final) match, against Hungary. We lost by 2 boards to 3. This was in the European Youth Go Team Championship 2017/18 (EYGTC). Please follow that link for details of all countries' youth team squads.
So, the final Top 3 countries this year are as follows. Winners = Russia; Second = Germany;
Third = Romania.

Due to a clash with the Hungarian Youth Championship, we were unable to play at the defined time, and the games were spread individually over a week - something that detracts somewhat from the team nature of the event but seemed unavoidable this time.

Our team...

04-Feb: Yangran Zhang Wins Record Cheshire

Yangran Zhang (3d Manchester), seen seated on the left, won the 20th Cheshire Tournament. A record 46 players took part, thanks to a large group from Cheadle Hulme School, as well as players from Liverpool, Manchester and other local clubs.

Yangran beat Gong Cheng, Mark Zhang and Alistair Wall to take the title.

Also winning three games were Ai Guan (7k Lancaster), Chun Yin Wong (11k Lancaster), Andrew Boyd (13k Liverpool), Gordon Hall (20k Whaley Bridge) and Elliott Barlow (30k CHS).

Hugo Ryan (35k CHS) won the Fighting Spirit prize, Ben Howe (27k...

01-Feb: BGJ 182 Now Available in Members Area

The Winter 2017-2018 edition of the BGJ is now available for members to read.

24-Jan: UK Return to Top After Finland Victory

The fifth round of the B-League on 23rd January saw the UK playing Finland. Yet again our team did extremely well, winning the match 4-0. As top placed team Netherlands lost to Germany 3-1, the UK team returned to the top spot, on boards-won tie break from Germany (18-16); Netherlands dropped to third.

Bruno Poltronieri wrote about his game against Javier-Aleksi Savolainen: I won by resignation. Not much happened until I decided to start poking at his floating group in the top right which seemed a bit over extended. I started with a peep, which he didn't really answer, so I was able to cut off a chunk of the group and kill it. In exchange he got a ponnuki in the centre, but since I had strong centre stones nearby it wasn'...

20-Jan: Tim Hunt Wins at Maidenhead

Tim Hunt, 2d Milton Keynes, led his team to victory in the 27th Maidenhead Tournament. He beat Jim Clare in the final to win the tournament and he led the winning Milton Keynes team in the team competition. All players on three wins got an envelope and the choice of a game or a bottle, and those on two wins got a choice of one out of the three. The prizes, the great location and the free buffet lunch are all thanks to long term event sponsor Hitachi Europe. However rumours that Brexit is making the company consider moving to Europe proper mean this might be the last such event.

Those on three wins were Geoff Kaniuk (5k Cambridge), Joel Barrett (6k Manchester) and Robert Scantlebury (8k Sheffield). The 13x13 side event prize was...

12-Jan: UK Youth Easter trip to Ukraine

The 24th annual European Youth Go Championship (EYGC) will be held in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, during the 2018 Easter holidays. This is the biggest youth competition in Europe, and there are already over 100 youngsters registered, from 8 countries, as at 21st January. There are three age groups: Under-12, Under-16 and Under-20. The BGA has arranged for a group of UK juniors to attend, with the support of DeepMind.

The UK party is 16-strong, as at 21st January - all with flights booked (also accommodation - in one hotel where our own evening 'UK team room' is available). Entry to the competition - and the UK group - is still open, however. The upper age cut-offs for U12 and U16 will be...

31-Dec: Chinese Dominate at London Open

Of the 94 players from the UK and abroad that played in the 2017 London Open it was the large group of Chinese players currently living in the UK that dominated the event, but also there were two Belgian players in the top 5, Lucas Neirynck in third with 5 wins and Thomas Connor in fifth with 4 wins. The UK's top player, hence winning the David Ward Trophy, was Daniel Hu in fourth place with 4 wins also. In the end it was Weijin Chen who ended unbeaten with seven wins who took the trophy and top cash prize. Second place went to Ho Yeung Woo who only lost in round four to Chen. Chen is...

17-Dec: Wall Wins Christmas in Edinburgh

Alistair Wall (1d) from Wanstead Club in London travelled up to Edinburgh for their annual Christmas Tournament. He topped the list of 19 players at the Skyscanner offices by winning three games out of four. He beat local player Boris Mitrovic (2d), but lost to another local Liu Yen-Ting (1d) who won two out of two.

Others winning three games were Roger Daniel (6k Wanstead), Serhii Gavrylov (7k) and Edinburgh players Robin McLean (10k) and Neil Sandford (15k).


13-Dec: UK Tie with Germany

The fourth round of the B-League on 12th December saw the UK playing one of the other teams on three wins, Germany. After some exciting games the match ended a draw. This left UK just above Germany on boards won, but Netherlands were expected to beat Turkey and take the number one spot in the league table.

Daniel Hu wrote: I won against Jonas Welticke 6d by resignation, bring me to an unbelievable 10/10 on pandanet! This was supposed to be my toughest test so far, so while maths has been prioritised this term, I tried to study go for the last 2 weeks, particularly define 3.0 on the computer Go server.

He opened adventurously with four 11-3s. Especially as I wanted to play territorially anyway, this set bells...

04-Dec: Philip Leung Wins Again at Coventry

This year's Coventry Tournament had a new organiser, but the same winner as last year. Taking over the organisation was Norwegian 4d Jonas Egeberg, and local player Philip Leung (4d) again won all three games to top the field of 40 at the event, held in the University of Warwick's Social Sciences Building. Second was Lucretiu Calota, 4d St Albans, and the organiser himself was a creditable third.

Players lower down who won all their games were Andrew Russell (4k Birmingham), Michael Kyle (6k Manchester), Alan Stokes (8k Manchester) and Pierre Oliviere (15k St Albans).


04-Dec: UK Pair Win Two in IAPGC

Congratulations go to Jenny Rofe-Radcliffe and Francis Roads for winning two games at the 28th International Amateur Pair Go Championship in Tokyo. They beat the pairs from Chile and Switzerland, losing to three Japanese pairs, to take 25th place.

For a change, a Japanese pair (Unegawa and Takizawa) were the winners. Korea took second, China third and Chinese Taipei fourth. The European Pair Go Champions, Natalia Kovaleva and Dmitry Surin, took ninth and Klara Zaloudkova and Jan Hora, from Czechia, also won three games.

Full results (off-site)

If the parallel student event, Korean pairs took the top two positions, with a Chinese pair third....

01-Dec: Roger Huyshe's Funeral

Roger Huyshe

I reported, last month, the sad news that Roger Huyshe, President of the BGA, died on Sunday, Nov 12.

Roger's family has now been able to make the funeral arrangements, and has asked that we share them with all BGA members. Below is the information that we've received.

Toby Manning

Final Farewell for Roger Huyshe

Tuesday 12th December 12.30pm
Vale Royal Crematorium, Northwich, Cheshire.

And afterwards at The Golden Pheasant at Plumley.

Family flowers only. Donations, which will be split between charities supported...

26-Nov: UK Youth team beat Czechia

On Saturday 25th November 2017, the UK youth team played their second match, against Czechia. We won by 3 boards to 2. This was in the new season of the European Youth Go Team Championship 2017/18 (EYGTC). Please follow that link for names of the complete UK youth team squad.

  Post-match comments (see below for comments prior to the games): 

The UK Youth Go Team won their match against Czechia 3-2. This leaves the UK in fifth place out of the twelve teams after two rounds. The third round will take place in January.

Our team for the match comprised Yueran Wang, George Han, Edmund Smith, Alexander Hsieh and Zoe Walters. It was Zoe's...

21-Nov: Harpenden Win Trophy at Their First BYGC

The 2017 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) returned to King Edward VI School in Aston, Birmingham, thanks to Andrew Russell and the support of the headmaster there. It attracted a big crowd of young players, in fact 46 competitors, aged from 7 to 18.

Thanks to a large number of oriental players currently living in the UK, there were several dan-graded players, most of whom not being British played in an Open group for cash prizes. Also thanks to a new club at Harpenden Academy (who are shown celebrating their win as best primary school) and a good crop of new...

14-Nov: Roger Huyshe

Roger Huyshe

I am sure that you will be as shocked as I am to hear that Roger Huyshe, President of the BGA, died on Sunday, Nov 12.

Apparently he was cycling in Derbyshire when he collapsed - we do not think it was a traffic accident - and although the air ambulance was called, they could not save him.

The coroner has requested a post-mortem, so it may be some time before funeral arrangements can be made, but I will let you know as soon as I have more information.

Toby Manning

+++ Update as below +++

Please see here for the funeral details...

29-Oct: Czech Player Wins Wessex

The winner of the 33-player Wessex Tournament was Czech player Bronislav Snidal (3d). He beat the previous winner, Alex Kent, in the final. He is pictured on the left receiving the Wessex Trophy and a cash prize.

The only other player taking part at St Marks Community Centre in Bath who won all three games, a trophy and cash prize was Scott Griffiths (6k) from Bristol.