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13-Sep: Students Win in Cornwall

It was two students from London who dominated the 19th Cornwall Tournaments. Held in Penzance in The Lugger, as usual, the event proved attractive for those seeking a weekend away and the weather did not disappoint. However only 14 players took part in the Cornish Handicap on the Saturday afternoon, and 15 in the Open on the Sunday.

As usual the Saturday started with a teaching session in which Toby Manning, Paul Massey and Tony Atkins gave a game review, taught joseki and some of what was taught at the recent youth camp on shape. Winner...

13-Sep: Andrew Simons at KPMC

Andrew Simons wrote:

I have been playing in the 13th Korean Prime Minister's Cup. This year many game records are available online as the system is automated: every board has a camera above it recording which then has some image recognition software that converts it into a game record. The time difference meant it was hard to watch them live in the UK, but the games are saved on YouTube (and Oro server), and results and records are available on the KPMC website.

It's a 6 round Swiss, with the first round pairing being split and slide based on each country's position last year. That did lead to an unfortunate initial 7d battle with Dusan Mitic of Serbia (who sent a much weaker...

06-Sep: Sun Shines on Luc at Arundel

A sunny day greeted a record 32 players to the Arundel Football Club for Sussex's premier Go event (the previous record was 30 in 2010). The top player this time was Lucretiu Calota (4d St Albans), who previously won the event in 2015. He beat Chao Zhang into second place in the final. Their game was noteworthy as Luc sacrificed a 15 stone group for a ponnuki. The only other player with three wins was Tim James (6k Brighton). Prizes for winning their first two games went to Chao Zhang (5d London City), Toby Manning (1k Leicester), Paul Barnard (3k Swindon) and Steve Smith (10k Arundel).


04-Sep: Junior Go Grade Badges

The British Go Association has introduced a series of badges, available for juniors, to reward their progression through the Go grades. Guidelines are available to organisers of youth clubs who issue badges so that youngsters with the same badge should be about the same ability. They cover grade bands of players from those who just learnt the rules through to those in the single kyu grades. The ultimate badge to collect, with the flame motif extra, is the one for making it to the Dan grades.

For more information contact Alison Bexfield (Youth Squad Coordinator) at ynews at

01-Sep: Youth Get into Shape at Second Go Camp

The second BGA Youth Residential Training was held like in 2017 at the PGL youth adventure centre at Caythorpe Court, not far from Grantham in Lincolnshire. The BGA group was made up of 10 boys and 10 girls aged 10 to 17 from Manchester, Letchworth, Cambridge, Lincoln and London areas, and five resident adults and two visiting teachers.

Wednesday 29th August had started wet in most areas, but by the time everyone had arrived at lunchtime the weather was fair, so the outside activities could be enjoyed. The two activities were the High Swing and Survivor (bushcraft training...

21-Aug: All Go at 22nd MSO

It was all Go on the first two days of the 22nd Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO). As in recent years, it was held at JW3, the modern Jewish community centre in London's NW3 district. Many games enthusiasts had travelled from around the world, to play the many traditional and proprietary board games on offer, such as Boku, Othello, Gomoku, Poker and Memory Tests, Countdown, Marco Polo, Settlers of Catan and Colour Chess.

24 players, mostly from London but also visitors from France, Germany and New Zealand, entered the MSO Go Open, a four-round McMahon...

15-Aug: Marcus Bennett

Marcus Bennett died recently after a short illness caused by cancer. Marcus was one of the main players of the Bournemouth Club for over 30 years. He was the club secretary from 1994 and ran the Bournemouth Tournament, being the main contact between 1990 and 1998. He was also on BGA Council from 1997 to 1999 and earned his shodan diploma (1d) in 1994. He is shown here receiving a prize at the 1990 Coventry Tournament.

The new club contact is Kevin Drake who said their dear friend will be sadly missed.

02-Aug: Young Players Still Leading Brits in Pisa

Despite some having troubles with flights nearly 30 players from the UK enjoyed the sun in Pisa for this year's European Go Congress. The event itself had a record turn-out with over 1400 players having pre-registered; the main tournament had around 850 players.

Leading the way for the British players were teenagers Tom Bradbury (5k) and Edmund Smith (5k). In the main tournament, after a barnstorming start, Edmund ended up with 7/10, and Tom with 6/10. In the Weekend tournament Edmund got 4/5 while Tom got 3/4. The rest of the players had a mixture of results.

While not playing Go the participants attended lectures and had game reviews, or explored Tuscany, including the cities of Florence, Siena and Lucca as well as...

01-Aug: Club Directory Audit

Attention Go Club members: We are currently updating the Club Directory (see Find a Club on the menu at the top of each page). If you are our primary contact for your club then the recent mail message from us may be languishing in your spam folder. Please review your entry in the Directory and notify us of anything that is out of date by email to If you are not the primary contact, please take time to review the entry anyway.

01-Aug: BGJ 184 Now Available in Members Area

The Summer 2018 edition of the BGJ is now available for members to read.

23-Jul: Simons wins first British Championship game

On Saturday July 21st the first game of the British Championship, between Andrew Simons and Sam Aitken, took place. After more than 6 hours of play, Andrew Simons won by 2.5 points after Sam failed to successfully invade a large corner of Andrew's.

The title match is best-of-three.

Matthew Macfadyen gave a commentary on KGS. Both the raw game record, and the version with Matthew's commentary, are available here.

A commentary by Andrew Simons is available here.

18-Jul: AWCC Player Interviews

During the 5th Annual World Collegiate Weichi Championship in Cambridge BGA reporter Andrew Simons had a chat with some of the players.

Interview 1

AS: Hi. What's your name and where do you come from?

YW: Hi. My name is Yuzhang Wu and I'm from China originally but studying at Manchester University in England.

AS: What are you studying?

YW: Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.

AS: Did you learn Go here or in China?

YW: I learnt in China, but now Eric Zhang in Manchester is my teacher, maybe you know him?

AS: Ah,...

16-Jul: UK Go Challenge Finals Tied

After the AWCC had ended, the following day the BGA used one of the two playing rooms, the Hicks Room in Cambridge's University Centre, to organise the UK Go Challenge Finals. Thanks to the Ing foundation of Shanghai, the Go equipment used by the AWCC has been donated to the BGA and it was used by the 28 children attending the Finals.

Battled over 7 rounds on 13x13 boards, the finals ended up in a three-way tie based on number of wins, as the top three players each won six games and lost to one of the other two. The places were determined by the knock-out system used, as there were three prize certificates, but prize money was shared. The top three were Charlotte Bexfield, Edmund Smith and Yue Wen. These won U18 Girls, U14...

16-Jul: AWCC Results

The fifth Annual World Collegiate Weiqi Championship (AWCC) was held in Cambridge this year and organised by the International University Weichi Federation (IUWF). Naturally it was supported by the BGA and sets were provided by the Ing Foundation in Shanghai. Many of the organising team were students at British Universities including Daniel Hu, Junan Jiang, Weichin Dai and Joanne Leung.

The tournament had 102 players (a view of one of the two playing rooms is shown here). It was held over two days and six rounds, apart from the A group that also had semi-finals and final (shown below) on...

11-Jul: World Collegiate Tournament Started

The 5th Annual World Collegiate Weichi Championships (AWCC) started on Tuesday in Cambridge with an Opening Ceremony. About an hour of speeches was followed by a dinner. Participants were welcomed by a number of dignitaries, including BGA President Toby Manning.

The first three rounds of the Championship take place on Wednesday, with the remaining 3 rounds on Thursday. UK hopes are resting on British Champion Daniel Hu, from Cambridge University and current British Champion, but he lost 2 of his first 3 games.

Alongside the Championship are the semifinals of the Chang...

03-Jul: Shodans left cussing as Alison Wins Welsh Open

The 26th Welsh Open proved to be a hot one - both in the air temperature approaching 30C and the fierce competition for overall winner. The regular organisers & tournament directors Helen and Martin Harvey apologised the previous year for ineffective sun-dancing leading to rain. This year the TDs sought forgiveness - for over-zealous sun-dancing, however. The resultant queuing at the bar at least kept the hotel-owner happy, and meant we could avoid the queues if players wanted hot drinks or - in many cases - cold water.

Held in its constant, scenic coastal town of Barmouth since 1993, the event again passed off smoothly and enjoyably. A slight increase meant that 33 played in at least...

28-Jun: Boris Mitrovic Retains Scottish Open Title

Twenty-four players contested the Scottish Open 2018 over two days at the Offices of Skyscanner in the centre of Edinburgh. Thanks to Skyscanner, as well as hosting the event, the participants were fuelled throughout the contest with drinks and copious pizza. Also on the Saturday evening the movie "The Surrounding Game" was shown.

Local player Boris Mitrovic (2d) retained the title by winning all his games. On four wins out of six were Neil McLean (1k), Toby Manning (1d), Alistair Wall (1d), Rob Payne (6k) and Roger Daniel (7k). James Richards (2k Edinburgh) won the 9×9 small board contest.


25-Jun: Matthew Cocke Stops Durham Winning Run

The 2018 Durham Go Tournament was held at the Oriental Museum for the second year running. Numbers continue to increase, and the 35 entrants ranged from 20k to 4d, reported organiser Andrew Ambrose-Thurman.

As usual, the Durham tournament has a number of opportunities for socialising - including our annual all-you-can-eat Go BBQ. Luckily the weather was sunny and warm (far better than it has been in previous years!), and there were 25-30 people playing Go on picnic blankets (as shown in the picture) and garden tables, including some who hadn't been able to attend the...

29-May: Sam Aitken Comes Through

The Challengers' League took place over the bank holiday weekend (plus Tuesday) at the London Go Centre. Sam Aitken won all of his games to lead the field, as at Candidates', but it was much closer in the race for second position.

Going into the final round there were permutations which could have led to tie breaks and any of Andrew Simons, Alex Rix and Boris Mitrovic ending up with second place. In the end, Alex lost his game to Sam Bithell and Andrew beat Boris meaning that he took second place with no need for a play-off. Alex was third with four wins, Boris, Charles Hibbert...