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14-Nov: UK Secures Third League Win

The third round of the B-League on 14th November saw the UK playing Turkey. Unfortunately the captain forget the time difference and so there was a panic to gather the players in time for a 19:00 start. In the end Bruno Poltronieri was not back in time to play, so the team shuffled up and Jon Diamond played board 4.

The match was bagged with wins on all four boards, leaving them with 12 straight board wins for the season so far.

Daniel Hu wrote: I won by 6.5 against Denis Karadaban. I played pretty slow, somewhat tired. I started with an AlphaGo Master opening, influenced by Deepzengo vs Fujisawa Rina, and my result seemed good. The game was pretty much endgame very early, and we probably both made large mistakes...

14-Nov: Roger Huyshe

Roger Huyshe

I am sure that you will be as shocked as I am to hear that Roger Huyshe, President of the BGA, died on Sunday, Nov 12.

Apparently he was cycling in Derbyshire when he collapsed - we do not think it was a traffic accident - and although the air ambulance was called, they could not save him.

The coroner has requested a post-mortem, so it may be some time before funeral arrangements can be made, but I will let you know as soon as I have more information.

Toby Manning

12-Nov: UK Youth Team result against Germany

On Saturday 11th November 2017, the UK youth team played their opening match, against one of their hardest adversaries, Germany. We lost by 4 boards to 1. This was in the first round of the new season of the European Youth Go Team Championship 2017/18 (EYGTC). Please follow that link for names of the complete UK youth team squad.

  Post-match comments (see below for comments prior to the games): 

The UK Youth Go Team played Germany in the first round of the European Youth Go Team Championship yesterday (11 November). Due to a strong performance in the previous season, the UK were seeded into the top half of the draw, so this first match was...

09-Nov: New Youth Go Newsletter

The first edition of a new monthly newsletter, Youth Go News, has been produced by the BGA and is available in the Junior section of the website as a PDF file. Please print or pass on electronically to any juniors who might not be on the BGA youth mailing list.

05-Nov: Toby Wins at Three Peaks

Toby Manning (1d Leicester) won this year's Three Peaks Tournament. Held, as last year, at the Wheatsheaf in the centre of Ingleton in Yorkshire, the two-day event attracted 28 players, a couple down on 2016.

Toby's only loss was to Eetu Erkkila (1d) from Helsinki. Eetu had lost to Matt Reid (1k Cambridge) and so ended second on SOS tie-break. Matt was third with three wins and a noteworthy fourth was James Richards (3k Edinburgh) whose only loss was to Toby in the last round.

Others winning four out of five were Ai Guan (7k) from Lancaster and Alan Stokes (9k) from Manchester. Despite no longer being DDKs, Alan increased his lead in the DDK Grand Prix and Tom Bradbury (5k Cheadle Hulme) moved up to second in both the...

31-Oct: BGJ 181 Now Available in Members Area

The Autumn 2017 edition of the BGJ is now available for members to read. Sorry, only the cover was there until 2nd November!

29-Oct: Czech Player Wins Wessex

The winner of the 33-player Wessex Tournament was Czech player Bronislav Snidal (3d). He beat the previous winner, Alex Kent, in the final. He is pictured on the left receiving the Wessex Trophy and a cash prize.

The only other player taking part at St Marks's Community Centre in Bath who won all three games, a trophy and cash prize was Scott Griffiths (6k) from Bristol.


25-Oct: UK Win Again in Europe

The UK team won again in the European Teams to stay top of the B-League (equal with Germany). They beat Switzerland by four games to nil.

Andrew Simons wrote:

I was playing John Walch 4d again, who always gives me a tough game. As we are both slow players who struggle in overtime, my plan was to play faster than him, but that plan soon evaporated! We did a mini-Chinese plus not-avalanche opening that was popular in pro games a few years ago, but quickly went into uncharted territory and I spent a lot of time and ended up loosely connecting on top and capturing a stone in a ladder whilst he got some big territory with bad aji, seemed so-so.

After his double approach I tried out a 2nd line hanging connection pros...

16-Oct: Catalin Taranu (5p) at Northern

The Northern Go Tournament was honoured to host Romanian-born professional Go player Catalin Taranu (5p). He commented on some of the games, gave a talk at lunchtime, and handed out the prizes. He stayed over to attend a meal and on the following day taught at a workshop in Stockport.

Unfortunately the organiser, Chris Kirkham, committed the first blunder of the day, messing up the registration and therefore starting an hour late! Not making blunders was the overall winner, Eetu Erkkila (1d) from Finland. He beat Yangran Zhang (3d) from Manchester in the final round.

Also winning prizes for winning all their three games were Andrew Russell (4k) from Birmingham, Adrian Abrahams (7k) from Lancaster, Brent Cutts (8k) from...

09-Oct: Gifted and Talented in South Manchester

On Saturday 7th October 2017, 15 children from half a dozen schools in South Manchester attended a Go workshop at Greenbank Preparatory School (GPS). Following the same format as in the previous year, GPS had contacted the local Educational 'Gifted and Talented' scheme, who then sponsored the day and selected the children. British Go Association (BGA) members Martin Harvey, building on his connection with Cheadle Hulme School (CHS), plus wife Helen Harvey, Roger Huyshe and Tom Bradbury (Y12, CHS)...

04-Oct: UK Starts Season at top of B League

The UK team started the new season of the European B League by beating Denmark by four games to nil. This put the team in first place, equal with Germany. Congratulations to them for this result!

Daniel Hu wrote:

I won by 16.5 points in a very intense game of 160 minutes against Jannik Rasmussen (4d). I played pretty well, certainly better than on Saturday, but it took me around 20 minutes to get my reading and shape feeling up to scratch. I think my opening was slightly better, playing an AlphaGo joseki, but it was an unfamiliar fight, and it used up a lot of my time. He was left to cut with an empty triangle, while I got sente.

In the middle game, I played an invasion that got slightly messy, as my top side got...

02-Oct: Daniel Hu is British Champion

After winning the first game of the title match on 19th August, Daniel Hu beat Andrew Simons in the second game on 30th September to take the match 2-0. The game was broadcast in the English Game Room on KGS so the very interesting game could be followed as it was played out from 10:00 through to after 19:00. The fuseki was very interesting - with the same joseki played in adjacent corners. On the sealed move for lunch it seemed Andrew as white had claimed the entire top of the board, but black invaded and after a lot of careful thought a ko was fought, after which the group lived....

01-Oct: Edmund Shaw Takes Swindon

Edmund Shaw (5d) from Reading made his come back to competitive Go by playing in and winning the Swindon Tournament. He is shown, right, receiving the trophy from David King. Edmund beat Min Yang (4d) from Oxford into second place. Others of the 24 players winning all three games were Martin Harvey (6k) from Manchester and Colin Maclennan (10k) from Twickenham. As last year, the venue was the Conservative Club, conveniently situated in the Old Town part of Swindon.


25-Sep: Toby Manning Wins in Sheffield

34 players attended the third Sheffield Tournament held, like last year, at Greenhill Library. Toby Manning won his second tournament of the month by winning all three games. He beat Helen Harvey (3k Manchester) into a noteworthy second place in the last round and is shown in the picture receiving the new trophy from organiser David Wildgoose. Local player Matt Marsh (3k) came third. Two of the large group from Cheadle Hulme School won all three games: Tom Bradbury (6k) and Rowan Borrows (31k). Daffyd Robinson (13k) must have been pleased with his three wins too, having...

13-Sep: Regulars Win Again in Cornwall

The Cornwall Tournaments have a regular following and it was some of those regulars who won the two tournaments. 14 players from 1d to 12k took part in the Cornish Lightning Handicap on the Saturday afternoon. Winner for the third time in four years was Paul Massey, 1k from Mid Cornwall, who is shown with the Dominic Taylor Trophy. On the Sunday there were 16 players in the Open; Toby Manning, 1d Leicester, was the winner for the second year running and the sixth time in all. The others winning wooden Go stone prizes were Tony Atkins (1k Reading) who was runner up in both...

22-Aug: Cheng Gong Takes 3 Golds at MSO

This year the Go events at the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO), held again at JW3 in London, were at the start of the games festival rather than at the end. This meant lower attendance than the previous year, and the promised party of Chinese children under Sai Sun cancelled through terror worries.

On the opening Sunday of MSO, the MSO Open attracted 14 players from 5d to 8k to play a four round McMahon system event (bar at 3k). Winner of the gold medal and the top prize money was Gong Cheng (3d) who won all four, including beating the favourite Chang Han on time....

22-Aug: Daniel Hu Wins First Title Match Game

In the first game of the best-of-three 2017 British Go Championship title match, Daniel Hu beat Andrew Simons to go one up. Played at Geoff Kaniuk's house in Cambridge, they played a long game that lasted well into the evening. With live broadcast in the British Room on KGS, and parallel live commentary by Matthew Macfadyen, more than 60 spectators could be found enjoying the game at any one time.

Eventually Andrew had to resign, having battled against time difficulties for over a hundred moves. The game record, with...

19-Aug: Jon Diamond Wins at Arundel

Jon Diamond was the winner at the Arundel Tournament four years after his last win there. He won all three games, including beating Alistair Wall in the final, and is pictured receiving his prize from organiser Sue Paterson.

22 players met up at the usual event venue of the football club, in the shadow of the castle. They mostly came from southern England, including nine from the local club, but also one came from Lincoln Club and one from Paris (though actually currently living in Horsham). The latter, Stephane Gros-Lemesre (10k), made the trip...

27-Jun: Eric Wins 25th Welsh Open

The 25th Welsh Open – held in its constant, coastal town of Barmouth since 1993 (when Matthew Macfadyen gained the first of his 16 consecutive wins) – was held on the weekend of 24-25 June 2017. Organised again by Helen & Martin Harvey, the event passed off smoothly and enjoyably, despite Martin's sun dance needing improvement, although the rainy periods meant it was a good time to be indoors. 31 played in at least 1 of the 6 rounds, including two 3-dans, two 2-dans, 4 shodans and down to a 13-kyu. Participants could take a bow for having travelled from across the UK – from as far away as the Isle of Man, Durham and Winchester. Numbers at the evening meals were further-swelled by non-playing...