2012 Online League Announcement

We would like to start the next season of the online leagues at the beginning of February.

The individual league has already got under way, but we do need all those who are listed to confirm that they will play. Please can people look at http://league.britgo.org/ileague.php and let me know if they are listed and shouldn't be or vice versa. (You can do this all yourself by logging-in to the website and going to "update account" and turning on or off the individual league marker as appropriate).

Regarding the team league, we have had a good few people drop out. Several teams have confirmed that they will play but with various changes. Some have not replied to my enquiries.

Please can people look at the current team league on http://league.britgo.org/league.php and let me know if you are on it and shouldn't be or you want to make changes. If you want to form a new team (or revive an old one) you would be more than welcome - please let me know! Please don't revive an old team name unless the members are substantially the same as they were before, as we do keep historical records for the teams and this might be confusing to people.

We really would welcome some extra teams in the league as we cannot really maintain 4 divisions with the current numbers. Divisions 3 and 4 are looking particularly denuded and I may have to merge them, possibly promoting another team or two from division 3 to 2 and 2 to 1 and/or reversing relegations.

Another possibility (as well as or instead of reducing the number of divisions) is to have 2 matches between each pair of teams over the year, a notional "home" and "away" match. What would people feel about that?

I should greatly appreciate any feedback which would help to make the online leagues a success.

John Collins jmc@xisl.com

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