Small Board Championship: 2011

Please come along to the British Small Board Go Championship, to be held in Cambridge on Sunday 22 January 2012.

The winner gets to be the British National 13x13 Go Champion, keeps the splendid trophy for one year and wins £50 cash. Past winners include Matt Cocke, Des Cann and the late Terry Stacey. The current champion is Andrew Simons. There is also a £20 prize for the best junior. Other prizes will depend on the number of entries.

As usual the champion will be determined by a double-elimination system of even games. Other games will be played using the usual 13x13 handicap system. This is usually very successful, last year exactly half the handicap games were won by the weaker player. So we hope that it will be a good event for double-digit kyu players as well as those aspiring to be a national champion.

The venue is in central Cambridge so it is good for sight-seeing in the lunch break.

And once again there will be home made cakes!

Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be coming. I will be putting on the website a list of the entries (except people who tell me they do not want to be listed). Last year although we had a reasonable number of players in the end, there were only two entries four days before the event. So I am very grateful if people can enter a bit earlier.


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