Online Leagues to recommence at start of April

Online Leagues
1 April 2012 - 16 December 2012

We intend to restart the online leagues at the beginning of April 2012

The Individual League has already made a start and we would encourage it to continue. Remember that it is "self-pairing" you can play anyone in your division as often as you like (although please try to play other people you haven't played recently if you have a choice). If you are on the Individual League and don't want to be or vice versa, please let me know - you can also subscribe or unsubscribe yourself by logging in and editing your own account.

We intend to draw for the team leagues at the beginning of April. The general consensus is that there should be two matches between each pair of teams, a notional "home" and "away" match and the draw will take this form.

Please could all teams who have not already done so (or have done so and it might look like I've forgotten or missed the message) confirm that they will play and finalise their teams no later than Tuesday 20th March. If I don't hear from teams by then I will assume that they are not playing and take them out of the league.

Division 4 is now too small to be sensible, so it will be merged with division 3. The new division 3 looks like being too large so I shall move some teams from there to division 2 and some from division 2 to division 1 to make the divisions of approximately equal size. I shall try to be fair, taking account of the strengths of the teams and their previous records.

Division 1 will now be the only division in which games are played without handicaps.

Please can people who have not done so pay the subscriptions, both for the team league and the individual league as soon as possible. We can now take subscriptions via Paypal. To do this you need to log in on the site and select the "Pay subscriptions" menu entry on the bottom left. Please note that there are surcharges for non-BGA members, but we may not have an up-to-date record of who is a BGA member, so please ask me before paying if the surcharge does not seem to be correct. (We hope to have accurate online records of payments available before the end of the year to eliminate any difficulties).

I'm sure that we all hope that the leagues continue to be a success.

John Collins

Last updated Sun Mar 11 2012. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.