Online Team League ready to start

Online Team League
25 March 2012 - 16 December 2012

I think we have now clarified which teams are playing.

Regrettably Cambridge and Cambridge B have had to drop out as has CLGC C. I have removed Oxford and Dundee because I haven't heard anything from them. Fortunately we have had a new team - Milton Keynes - join us.

In order to balance out the league I have merged Divisions 3 and 4. I have put the new Milton Keynes team in division 2 and moved Belfast from division 2 to division 1.

I have performed the draw for each of divisions 1, 2 and 3. Handicaps will be applied to matches in divisions 2 and 3.

In line with previous discussions I have changed the draw so that there are two matches between each pair of teams, one a notional "home" match and one a notional "away" match. Don't feel absolutely obliged to play both matches if you can't fit them in, but if you do, try to rotate the team members if you have more than 3. The dates alongside the matches are about 3 weeks apart and are just guidelines.

The results for each pair of teams will be displayed as "Won" if the team in that row has won all the matches completed against the team in the column, "lost" if the team in the row has lost all the matches, "Drawn" if the teams have equal non-zero scores and "X-Y" otherwise.

Nominally I have set 1st April as a start date but there is nothing to prevent team captains allocating team members to matches and matches to get underway as soon as people can.

I hope everyone enjoys playing in the league and we look forward to some interesting games and matches.

John Collins

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