Shodan Challenge 2012-2013

The Shodan Challenge for 2012-2013 is scheduled to start in July.

The format for this year will be different to how it was in previous years. Previously, mentors were paired up with mentees on a 1-to-few basis, with this mentor taking sole care of the mentees for the mentoring period. This did not work very well since a lot of mentors and mentees went inactive, leaving some people in a bit of an awkward position. Despite reshuffling, these problems continued to happen, so it became clear a change was needed for this year. There was also a very big lack of dan mentors, meaning that strong kyu players, especially those who joined late, were not able to get an appropriate mentor.

As such, the new system for this year will be more along the lines of a league. There will be a few divisions (based on rank), and games will be played online. The games are self-paired, meaning that you can play anyone within your league whenever you wish, and do not need anyone to pair you up for say a monthly game. There will be an interface whereby games can be submitted to a central repository for review.

The leagues will have 'mentors' assigned to review the games that are submitted to the repository. Mentors have the right to review anonymously if they wish, to prevent lots of people specifically requesting reviews from them if they fear they might become overburdened.

It is possible that prizes will be awarded - if so, the exact nature of this is yet to be determined.

To enter the challenge, please contact the organiser, providing your name and rank (indicating type of rank, e.g. BGA, KGS), and indicating also whether or not you are happy to mentor as well as be mentored. It would also be greatly appreciated if any dan mentors would also get in touch as the top league will certainly need dan-level players to help with the reviews.

Best of luck to all entrants!

Last updated Sun Jun 24 2012. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.