DDK Grand Prix Update

Here are the latest scores in the 2012 Double-Digit-Kyu Grand Prix, following the Coventry tournament. Players score at least 40 points for each eligible tournament they enter (generally all UK tournaments count except for team tournaments and online tournaments), up to a maximum of 100 points depending on how many games they win.

At the end of the calendar year there will be a prize for the highest scoring player who was rated 10-19 kyu at the start of the year and a prize for the highest scoring player who was rated 20 kyu + at the start of the year (if they have progressed to being a single-figure-kyu during the year it does not matter, they can continue to accumulate points).

There are now only two tournaments left this year where more points can be scored: the Edinburgh Christmas Open and the London Open.

The table below shows all the players who have scored 200 points or more. Their points total is shown and their kyu grade at the first and last tournament they have entered this year.


Grade   Name      Points
10->09  Colin Maclennan 1008
15->13  Graham Blackmore    628
10->09  Patrick Ridley  612
28->19  Edmund Smith    556
18->14  Oscar Selby 531
12->11  Daniel Peace    510
16->15  Pauline Bailey  490
14->14  Kathleen Timmins    436
20->19  Anthony Ghica   389
17->12  James Wilson    360
10->09  John Collins    309
10->10  Casey Alexander 290
11->09  Huw Mort    288
18->18  Kelda Smith 280
15->13  Emma Nicholls   254
13->12  Melchior Chui   244
10->09  Laura Streamer  240
13->13  Peran Truscott  232
12->12  Roella Smith    214
10->10  Andrew Price    210
18->15  David Turban    210
10->10  Dylan Zhu-Dong  210

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