End of online team league season - 31 December

Online League
1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012

Please can I remind people that we will be closing off the current online league season on

Monday 31st December 2012 at 12 noon

Please try to get your outstanding games in wherever possible before then.

If you want to play the previous week, go right ahead, you will find it far more stimulating than the endless TV repeats and far less fattening than a further helping of plum pudding.

Where matches have been started but not finished, if they haven't been played by then I propose to declare all outstanding games drawn. If the match hasn't been started yet I'll just cancel the match.

If anyone feels aggrieved by that, in that they have tried endlessly to arrange to play a game and the other player hasn't responded or repeatedly hasn't turned up, and feel they should be awarded the game as a win, please can the team captains involved try to reach agreement or agree to ask some independent player to decide what the outcome should be (I don't think it looks good if I decide these things all the time as I've played in the league myself!). Obviously I will help as far as I can.

I propose to start the new season promptly on 1st March 2013 so please could all the teams confirm that they will be playing in that season as soon as they can. Of course we would welcome new teams. Don't forget there is no rule that all members of particular teams should come from a particular club, but they must clearly make an agreement as to how the subscription should be divided.

In the meantime I hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.

John Collins

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