World Amateur Championship

In May this year we told you that Francis Roads should have been our nominated representative at this year's World Amateur, but there had been some miscommunications and that, at a very late stage, Sam Aitken had stepped in to represent us.

As you're probably aware our policy is that the person with the highest number of points in this table, subject to a number of conditions will normally be nominated. However, since we have a new British Champion in Andrew Kay Council has decided, in line with these, that Andrew will be our representative for 2013.

However, we recognise that Francis has a strong claim to be our next representative, so entrants to the 2013 British Championship should not assume that if there is a new British Champion that he/she will be the representative in 2014.

Finally, best wishes to you all and a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Jon Diamond


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