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Now that these forums are being put in place to replace the bga-policy mailing list, it would be good to know if it will be possible to get email notifications when posts appear on here?

I understand that some members will probably be visiting the site frequently enough that they will notice new posts easily enough, but I'm sure that a lot of us don't come here quite so often... I'd hate to think that there would be a fall in the amount of discussion because people aren't aware that conversations are happening...

Personally, my preference would be to receive an email when any new post is made (I can easily filter them in my email client so that it doesn't get in the way of other emails) and for these to contain the full text of the post - if this is possible.

Thanks, Matt

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Notifications update

We've now able to deliver email notifications for new posts or comments.

Please go to the Notifications tab on your account page to control this.

Comment notifications

We've made a slight change to the notification of the original author of the topic. Hopefully this will improve things, even if only slightly.


Thanks Jon - I did receive the notification, so it seems to be working.

Not a complete solution, but it definitely helps - thanks for getting it working!


Feedback wanted

Dear All

The idea is indeed to discontinue the bga-policy mailing list, partly to avoid us having to maintain two list of email addresses for members (new members won’t have to request to join our new Forums) and also provide a forum capability for bga-policy, rather than just an email group. Personally, I think a forum is more appropriate for a policy group discussion, but I’m sure other people will disagree.

We haven’t implemented any auto-notification yet and would welcome suggestions as to the best way to do what you would like using Drupal 6. Don’t forget we need to understand how the bulk of you would like to receive notifications - per message, per day, per week, as just a notification or a digest before we can implement anything. (I’m sure there are more options.)

Of course, visiting a number of our website pages, such as the Home Page, Members Area or the News pages, will show whether there are new postings to any of our website Forums on the bottom left, so that may obviate some need for a separate notification. Are there any more specific pages or classes of pages you’d like us to add this Forum block to? We’ve been hesitant about displaying it on every page, but perhaps you’d prefer that?

Everyone's input on these kind of issues would be helpful.

Of course, our new facility isn’t just restricted to bga-policy, but how it will be used will primarily be determined by you.

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