Enhancements needed

For a forum that is as low-traffic as this (the bga-policy mailing list that it replaces didn't get much traffic) then it is essential that there is a system of notifying members of all new posts here. Not just new topics, not just replies to my own posts, but all new posts. And given that people can't be expected to keep checking the website, that notification should be pushed out to members.

The best technology for pushing notifications out is email, because it Just Works and everyone already has the necessary client software.

Of course, once you've got a mechanism for sending those notifications out, you've got half of a mailing list. Mailing lists require no extra software support unlike, it seems, getting notifications working in forums, so it seems that the least-effort "forum" is in fact a mailing list. Therefore I suggest that this forum be deleted and replaced with a mailing list. I recommend that the mailing list be called 'bga-policy', and that it be managed using the 'mailman' software that we're already using.

Last updated Wed Feb 11 2015. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.

Gotalk problems: good reasons for forums

I encounter 2 Gotalk problems:- [1] I used to use Gotalk with my club address rather than my registered email address for BGA membership. As a result, it was explained to me, that I can't see my own messages!

[2] I now installed Sidekick on my browser which notifies me when recipient(s) open my emails. However, it attaches extra info. with my emails causing the Britgo server to reject my emails as spam.

So, Gotalk on its own is causing communication problems in today's environment. A forum would get round those problems.


Just got a different explanation from webmaster - it was the chinese characters on my name which I recently added causing it to be recognised as spam.


I agree with David.

I've only just seen the replies to this thread, so it took a month for me to find them. A mailing list would have been instant.

Reply - 1 click navigation

The notification contains a URL which displays the topic but positions at the reply. May be this was not a past capability but it is now.

The URL contains the topic number as well as the reply number.

Notifications update

Ww've updated the Notifications bit, so that you will definitely be notified of any new topics, posts or comments by email.

So if you treat it this way, then it's just like a mailing list except that a) users don't need to request access - every BGA member is automatically added, but you do need to set your notification preferences b) the notifications may be delayed for up to an hour from the time of the post/comment c) if you want to post a comment/reply then you can't do this by email (you don't have to log out though) - this stops spamming which happened to the old mailing list and required regular admin intervention

I vote for mailing lists and

I vote for mailing lists and not fora

We've now implemented

We've now implemented something that will allow you to be notified if there are new topics, posts or replies.

Please go to the User page and change your options in the Notification settings tab.

Hopefully this will satisfy most of you. Please let us know.

I'm looking at the home page

I'm looking at the home page in another window right now, and I see no nothing there about new posts. Specifically, there was nothing there to indicate that there was a reply to my post. Also that section of the page only appears if I'm logged in. I hardly ever have any reason to log in, so most of the time I'm not, so won't see it. Even when I am logged in it's not particularly noticeable - it's right down at the bottom of the page, a long way from all the most important links. It seems to list "topics" with no indication which forum they're part of.

But in any case, apart from replies to my posts, I still have to go to the website to see if there are any new posts. This just doesn't scale. I am on over a hundred mailing lists. Imagine replacing all of those with forums, scattered across a hundred different websites. Visiting a hundred different websites regularly just on the off-chance that one of them has an update for me is obvious lunacy. Now, you could say "but this is only one". True. But it's still a website that I have to visit to see if there are updates, and then I have to find the obscure corner of the page that might tell me that there is an update. Obviously our forums are going to be quite low traffic, so there won't be updates every day, or even every week, so either users will only check occasionally (and that's an easy way of getting out of the habit of checking, indicating that expecting the user to check manually is bad design) or you're expecting them to check every day even though it's mostly unnecessary, and in my vast experience that sort of expectation is doomed to failure.

Apart from those cases where you have really huge amounts of traffic (hundreds or thousands of posts every day) I just don't see the point of forums.

Oh gosh, that's special. I

Oh gosh, that's special. I tried to reply to the post with subject "notifications", didn't fill in a subject, and when my post is displayed it doesn't look anything like a reply, and has a silly subject line magicked up.

Huh, that one did appear as a

Huh, that one did appear as a reply. Maybe I didn't get quite the right incantation to the Elder Forum Gods first time round.


Specifically ignoring the suggestion about deleting this forum until there are further comments on this issue:

Currently new posts are notified in a Forum block on a number of pages on our website, e.g. the Home Page, Members Area and the News page (http://www.britgo.org/news). Should this be displayed in the same place/way on every page for a logged in user, so that if you visit any page of our website you'll see these changes?

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