Obsolete: Job Descriptions: Book Seller's Committee

No longer in existence as of January 2011

Current List of Officials

Book Seller

Traditionally this job is known as the Book Seller, but Go equipment is sold as well as books. The Book Seller attends most tournaments with a wide range of books available for inspection and sale, and Go boards and stones too. A mail order service for books and equipment is also available to members and is very popular. Also sells backnumbers of "Go World" magazine.

Book Seller's Advisor

Works with and supports the Book Seller in the performance of his or her duties.

Journal Backnumbers

Stores the back issues of the BGJ, supplying them to anyone who pays for them. A large number of different editions are available as well as the printed index of issues up to number 100. Rare old editions can be reprinted to fill gaps in collections. If you require old journals for outreach purposes, get in touch and tell us your plans, we may be able to provide journals for no charge.

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