BGA Organisers’ Material

Currently available for BGA organisers of clubs, tournaments, etc, is the BGA Organisers’ Handbook. This is available in the following forms:

The handbook is a very useful document outlining starting a club, publicity, teaching beginners, planning and running tournaments, including much technical detail about the McMahon tournament system and good practice for using a computer to run the draw.

The GoDraw program, for conducting a McMahon tournament draw is available from the software archive.

Tournament Levy Form (in PDF or RTF format).

Some promotional material is available for club organisers.

Much of the following information is now collected in the Organisers’ Handbook; it is included here for quick reference:

Tournament Organisers’ FAQ.

There is also a brief guide to the McMahon system, and a detailed description of the pairing algorithm.

For tournament organisers, a sample press release written by Toby Manning for local papers.

Other advice on publicising tournaments.

The BGA has a set of officially sanctioned rules for tournaments.

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