Study Aids

Two youngsters studying Go

The British Go Association and its members provide various resources for use when studying Go.

In order to get better at Go, as well as playing lots of games against different people, it is useful to study. This can be using one of the many books, by attending one of the teaching events we organise or using various materials both on this website and off.

Our Analyst will arrange to get members' game records reviewed by stronger players.

We have a page of links to sites with Go Problems which are a good way to study.

Game records

Various collections of electronic records are available on-line or on disc. The GoGoD (Games of Go on Disc) collection was created by two former members, T Mark Hall and John Fairbairn.

There is also software for various platforms to allow you to record games and produce game diagrams.

Other Web Sites

There are many other web sites that are available in English and that provide Go resources. Most interesting of these are (for news of pro events), (for collections of Go problems), Life in 19x19 (for online debate) and Sensei's Library (wiki Go encyclopedia).

There are a number of new sites providing videos and other resources:

As an alternative to Sensei's Library, we have our own glossary and repository of explanatory information called In the Dark?

Resources Links

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