Tournaments 2010

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Online League Results - October 2009 - February 2010 Season     Current Season

Tournament Name Title Next Tournament Datesort icon Report/Result
Challengers' League Challenger's League: Results 1996 08 Jun - 09 Jun UK Tournament Result
Leicester Leicester Tournament: 1996 15 Jun UK Tournament Result
Northern Northern 1996: Results 07 Sep - 08 Sep UK Tournament Result
Milton Keynes Milton Keynes 1996: Results 14 Sep UK Tournament Result
Bank of China Bank of China Cup 1996: Results 22 Sep UK Tournament Result
Shrewsbury Shrewsbury 1996: Results 06 Oct UK Tournament Result
British Open British Open 1997: results 19 Apr - 20 Apr UK Tournament Result
Leicester Leicester 1997: Results 14 Jun UK Tournament Result
Welsh Open Welsh Open: Results 1997 28 Jun - 29 Jun UK Tournament Result
BGA Online League Online League 01 Oct - 10 Feb UK Tournament Report
Maidenhead President wins Maidenhead-Furze Platt Tournament: 23 Jan UK Tournament Report
Maidenhead Furze Platt Tournament Results 23 Jan UK Tournament Result
Wanstead Wanstead Tournament Results 30 Jan UK Tournament Result
Wanstead Macfadyen's first win of the year 30 Jan UK Tournament Report
Cheshire Cheshire Tournament Results 13 Feb UK Tournament Result
Cheshire Ward and Neeves win Cheshire 13 Feb UK Tournament Report
Trigantius Cambridge Trigantius Tournament: Results 2010 20 Feb UK Tournament Result
Trigantius Robert Mateescu wins first UK tournament 20 Feb UK Tournament Report
Nottingham Nottingham Tournament: Results 2010 27 Feb UK Tournament Result
Nottingham Welcome return of Notts 27 Feb UK Tournament Report