Shodan Challenge weekly email 2

Hello again everybody, how is it going?

I guess we should first apologize for the lack of a "weekly" schedule for these emails. I hope your training is going on better!

Actually, however, we would really like to use feedback from you for these mails, so please get writing! Here's an example from Ron Bell:

Here is something that I recently learned (from Francis in the IoM).

I've always assumed that the tenets of what I call "Weak Group Theory" (WGT) say that you should always move out from your weakest group - preferably, say, threatening an enemy weak group at the same time. However, Francis pointed out that, although sound advice for beginners, it is not always best. For example, if a move out from a strong group has the effect of making an enemy group just as weak or weaker than your own weakest group, then it can be OK from a WGT point of view and, if it has some secondary benefit like making lots of territory, it can be the best move. This came from one of my games in IoM.

As another bonus, here's the first part of an article that Brian is writing for the next journal.

Its aimed at the SC sort of level, so have a read, and ask if its too confusing. It's supposed to show how there's lots of useful tips to be picked up from looking at joseki sequences in a game, quite apart from the sequences themselves. It ends with a problem that I hope you might find profitable to discuss withyour mentor.

Have a look, and please do write and tell us what you have learned so far!

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