London Open 2011 - Entry Form

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*Entry fee Standard  (£42)  Student  (£37)    Youth  (£27)
For Early entry there is a REDUCTION of £7.00
For late entry after 18th December, the fee increases by £10.00 
If you are not a member of your national Go Association by the start of the tournament, there will be a surcharge of £5 
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Please choose one of the following ACCOMMODATION options:
I shall be finding my own accommodation, not at ISH.   
I am planning to book at ISH, but have not yet done so.[3]   
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Please book for me as I am having problems booking at ISH.[4]   
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  1. Please ensure you enter at a realistic grade as indicated by your European rating if you have one. Ratings will be checked before the tournament, and where necessary, appropriate adjustments will be made to your initial McMahon score.

  2. The online player list is updated weekly, and can be viewed from the main form. If you select this option it will contain only your name and grade. If you later want your name removed from, or added to the list, please just email David Cantrell.

  3. Don't delay in organising your accommodation! ISH gets busy, especially on New Year's Eve.

  4. If you need us to book your accommodation at ISH please use the Comments box to explain what went wrong and to state your requirements. In particular state how many beds you need and whether you are prepared to share, as so doing means we can accommodate more people.

    If you are organising the booking for a group of players, please use the Comments box to list all the usual player details i.e. name grade, club, country for each player.

    Please make sure you fill in the arrival and departure dates!

    Please also be aware that ISH require us to supply your card details to guarantee your booking.

If you have any additional COMMENTS regarding your entry, please enter them here:

You are about to click the Submit button. Before you do, please take a moment to double check that you have completed all items marked (*), and that you have given me a valid email address.

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You will also receive a personal confirmation within two days, and if this does not happen, then first check your spam box , and if necessary, email David Cantrell with a valid email address!

Many thanks for entering the 2011 London Open Go Congress!

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