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Entries for Welwyn Garden City 2014

Name Club Country Grade Lunch Dinner
Toby Manning Leicester UK 3D Yes No
Alison Bexfield Letchworth UK 2D Yes No
Francis Roads Wanstead UK 2D Yes No
Paul Taylor St Albans UK 2D No No
Alistair Wall Wanstead UK 2D No No
Chris Bryant St Albans UK 1D No No
Paul Smith Cambridge UK 1D No No
Alan Thornton St Albans UK 1K No No
Chris Volk Reading UK 1K No Yes
Mark Baoliang Zhang None UK 1K No No
Roger J N Daniel London UK 4K No No
John Green Leamington UK 4K No No
David Cantrell South London UK 5K Yes No
Richard Mullens London City UK 5K No No
Edwina Lee Maidenhead UK 6K Yes Yes
David Crabtree Manchester UK 8K No No
Fred Holroyd Milton Keynes UK 8K No No
John Collins St Albans UK 10K Yes Yes
Colin Maclennan Twickenham UK 10K Yes No
Daffyd Robinson Lincoln UK 11K No No
Edmund Smith Cambridge UK 13K No No
Chris Williams St Albans UK 13K Yes No

Total 23 attending 9 for lunch 3 for Dinner 1 private entries

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