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2/2 in European Teams 24 Oct 2013 UK News
Brian Timmins 04 Jul 2015 UK News
T Mark Hall, 1947-2013 12 Dec 2013 UK News
1st UK Mind Sports Festival 19 Nov 2011 UK News
Final Stacey Points 2009-2010 13 Apr 2010 UK News
Marcus Bennett 15 Aug 2018 UK News
Andrew Does Well in Korea 12 Sep 2019 UK News
Japanese Professional to visit North London Go Club 16 Feb 2014 UK News
Wang Runan, 8p, Lectured at British Museum 11 Sep 2013 UK News
T Mark Hall's bequests 11 Jan 2014 UK News
Strong Players Training 20 Apr 2010 UK News
Durham Oriental Museum Festival of Japan 06 Oct 2014 UK News
Leo Phillips 29 Jul 2015 UK News
Festival of Japan in Durham a great success for Go! 19 Oct 2014 UK News
Grand Prix Results 14 Apr 2017 UK News
Media appearance in Ariel 23 Nov 2011 UK News
Japanese Professional to visit Scotland 16 Jan 2014 UK News
Les Bock retires as Archivist 01 Nov 2013 UK News
Go Promoted at London Anime and Gaming Con 19 Feb 2014 UK News
Michael Redmond Training Week 18 Feb 2013 UK Teaching Event
Nihon Ki-in reports on Michael Redmond's visit 24 Apr 2013 UK Teaching Event
Learn to Play Go day! 24 Jan 2014 UK Teaching Event
Manchester Japan Day Report 17 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn Go Week in Stevenage 18 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Strong Players' Weekend "inspirational" 21 Nov 2013 UK Teaching Event