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Resumption of BGA Bookstall 16 Oct 2013 Announcement
2/2 in European Teams 24 Oct 2013 UK News
British Championship Match 2013 announcement 26 Oct 2013 UK Tournament Diary
Alex Kent Wins 44th Wessex 27 Oct 2013 UK Tournament Report
Les Bock retires as Archivist 01 Nov 2013 UK News
Macintosh Computers and our RSS feed 01 Nov 2013 Other Site Update
3-in-a-row in European Teams 15 Nov 2013 UK News
1st Zhu Gang Cup World Team Championship 15 Nov 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
Toby Wins in Grange 18 Nov 2013 UK Tournament Result
Strong Players' Weekend "inspirational" 21 Nov 2013 UK Teaching Event
New Online Study Group 23 Nov 2013 Announcement
Bruno Runs and Wins Coventry 30 Nov 2013 UK Tournament Report
A disaster against the Turks... 05 Dec 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
1st WBaduk Varsity Match announced 06 Dec 2013 UK News
Online League season to close on 21 December 08 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Diary
South London Teaching Day and Tournament a great success 09 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Report
David Lee stays Christmas Champion 09 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Report
T Mark Hall, 1947-2013 12 Dec 2013 UK News
British Go Association AGM 18 Dec 2013 Council News etc.
Festival of Japan in Durham a great success for Go! 19 Oct 2014 UK News
EYGC and BGC now accepting entries 18 Dec 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
Online League season 5 completed 21 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Result
European Youth Go Championships 2014 Prize 21 Dec 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
David Ward 27 Dec 2013 UK News
Japanese Professionals to visit European Youth Go Championships 28 Dec 2013 UK News