7. Sales of Sets and Books

7. Sales of Sets and Books Tony Atkins Thu, 05/09/2013 - 13:56

If the terms of your event allow it, it is nice to be able to offer those who are really keen the chance to get their own Go set and book. Someone who has invested a few pounds in one of these is more likely to follow up with the game.

Firstly you will need a stock of sets and books. The BGA bookseller may be able to supply these on a sale or return basis but there might be a cost for delivery or return. Bear in mind how much you can carry to the venue from station or car park.

If you do decide to sell, then the best Go sets are the 13x13 ones with 9x9 on the back.

The two types recommended are the BGA-designed A3 laminated BGA Takeaway Go Set and the one with a plywood board in a pizza box. The latter are nicer to play on but more bulky, whilst the former has the advantage of having the rules and website information printed next to the board. Both have plastic stones and come in sufficient numbers in plastic bags.

You should definitely avoid 19x19 sets as this would be a big commitment for a student to make and, as you know, small boards are better to learn on.

You may also supply a beginners book at a reasonable price, such as that by Charles Matthews or that by Neil Moffatt (both British Go players), but do not expect to sell as many as the sets.

The pizza box set can be made available to organisers of outreach events at a discount and the BGA can supply you with a supply of such sets and aslo books to sell, heavily discounted and on a sale or return basis. You should contact the bookseller in good time to discuss your requirements. To obtain the Takeaway Sets, contact any member of BGA Council.

Also you will need appropriate amounts of change and somewhere to keep it. You will find a lot of people will not have cash on them, but at least you can show them what they can buy and direct them via our website to retailers or suppliers who sell online.

You can also encourage beginners to make their own Go set.