British Go Journal No. 0. Spring 1967. Page 1d.

The problems to all these solutions are to be found on page 1c.

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Solution 1b

Solution 1c

In solution 1b, if white 6' at 7, black 7' at 6.

In solution 1c, Black then captures either 1 or 4 stones, saving his group.
Not in BGJ: If white 6' extends at A, black B is fast enough to capture the 4 stones directly.

Failure 1d
BGJ had the coordinates shifted up by one row, an impossible series of moves.

White 6 kills.

[Next] Solution 2a

White cannot play A without first protecting at B which permits Black to connect at A.

Solution 2b

Black 5 captures the white stones.

Solution 2c

Black 5 kills.

Failure 2d

This black 1 is wrong, but so is white 2. After black 3, black is able to connect his stones out.

Failure 2e

White 2 refutes black 1, preventing black connecting to the outside. And as the next diagram shows, black does not have the option of living in the corner.

Failure 2f

Black 3 cuts white off from the outside, but white 4 lives.

[Next] Solution 3a

White wins. (For Black cannot play A or B immediately, needing 3 moves.)

Failure 3b

Black 4 kills.

Failure 3c

Failure 3d

After failures 3c and 3d, black either escapes or kills the corner first.

[Next] Solution 4a

Black 5 kills.

Solution 4b

If white 8 at triangle, black square captures.

Failure 4c

Failure 4d

And black dies first.

[Start] The solutions to problems 5..7 are on page 1e.

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