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08-Feb: Lucas Baker wins Cheshire

Lucas Baker (2d London), shown on the left left playing Baron Allday, won all his games to win the Cheshire Tournament. The event was held as normal at the Community Centre in Frodsham and alongside the Frodsham Chess Congress.

Others of the 30 players also winning all three games were three of the large team from Cheadle Hulme School: Daniel Atkinson (26k), Jack Nolan (18k) and Jason Brown (16k). In addition the runner-up, Tony Atkins (1k Reading), received a prize and Joel Barrett (20k Manchester) was awarded a...

06-Feb: British Go Journal 174

British Go Journal 174, including the full report on the AlphaGo v Fan Hui match is now available online to members at

We're still getting additional media coverage of this match - see for the latest.

28-Jan: AlphaGo v Fan Hui - Match Referee's View

We're pleased to announce that an article about the match in the forthcoming British Go Journal number 174 was written by the Match Referee Toby Manning and we're happy to make it publicly available here as part of a special insert:

Game records

We made the game records available online in our summary article, but for those of you who want the game records in downloadable format they're here:

Game 1...

27-Jan: Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook natch) posts about Go

The ancient Chinese game of Go is one of the last games where the best human players can still beat the best artificial intelligence players. Last year, the Facebook AI Research team started creating an AI that can learn to play Go.

Scientists have been trying to teach computers to win at Go for 20 years. We're getting close, and in the past six months we've built an AI that can make moves in as fast as 0.1 seconds and still be as good as previous systems that took years to build. Our AI combines a search-based approach that models every possible move as the game progresses along with a pattern matching system built by our computer vision team.

The researcher who works on this, Yuandong Tian, sits about 20 feet from my...

27-Jan: Major Step Forward in Artificial Intelligence

We've issued the following Press Release today (27th January 2016):

A computer program developed by Google DeepMind (AlphaGo) to play the Oriental game of Go has beaten the three-times European Go Champion and Chinese professional Fan Hui (shown on the right in the photo, courtesy of Google DeepMind). This is the first time that a Go-professional has lost such a match, and not only that, by a clean sweep in all 5 games. This signifies a major step forward in one of the great challenges in the development of artificial intelligence - that of game-playing.

These findings were reported in a peer-reviewed study published in the scientific journal Nature...

23-Jan: Andrew Simons wins in Maidenhead

Andrew Simons (shown right playing Des Cann) won all his games to win the Maidenhead-Hitachi Tournament, held as normal at the Hitachi Europe HQ, thanks to Hitachi.

Also winning three games were Roger Huyshe (3k Shropshire), Malcolm Hagan (5k Winchester), Stephen Bailey (7k Arundel) and Robert Scantlebury (9k Sheffield). Paul Barnard (2k Swindon) won 2.5. All players on two wins won a prize each too, with Hitachi maintaining their generous Go-support with a fine array of prizes.

Best teams were Arundel (Steve, Malcolm, Pauline and Casey) on 9/12 and "No...

16-Jan: UK Youth Go Team finish sixth in European Team Tournament

The UK Youth GO team have finished a respectable sixth out of the twelve teams competing in the European online Youth Go Team Tournament. This year the draw was an accelerated Swiss which meant the top teams were paired against each other from an early stage. This gave our team more chances to play more evenly matched opponents. We picked up wins against Poland (3-2) and Italy, Switzerland and Austria (4-1) and lost to Czechia (2-3) and Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia (1-3).

As last year we struggled most on the U20 board where we do not yet have any dan players. However our U12s continue to excel in this event - we picked up wins in 6 or the 7 games played in this age group with two of our U12 players also playing up an age...

04-Jan: Annual Awards 2016

The nominations for our Annual Awards are now closed and can be seen here:

Voting is now open to our Association Members (you need to login first) and will close one week before our AGM, on 24th March.

31-Dec: Sai Sun Wins All at London Open

The 42nd London Open was dominated by Sai Sun (5d) from Beijing who won three titles. She won the Open title and £120, with six wins out of seven, won the Lightning and also the Pair Go with Xinchi Gong. In all 76 players took part in the event, held as usual at ISH in London.

On hand to do game analysis and lectures was the professional from Romania...

30-Dec: Cambridge win Online League

Congratulations to the Cambridge A team (Lou Yuxiang, Paul Smith, Atta Chui and James Wood) for winning the seventh season of the online league. In second place were Edinburgh 1. Winning division 2 and promotion to division 1 were UK Youth.

The winning teams received prizes consisting of places in Guo Juan's Group Classes and subscriptions to the Internet Lectures and Training system. See the Internet Go School site for more details.

League Details

21-Dec: Edinburgh Christmas Tied

Despite being very near to Christmas and at a new venue near Edinburgh Castle, St Columba's by the Castle Episcopal Church Hall, 16 players managed to take part.

Tied at the top on three wins out of four and equal SOS were "Henry" Hongyi Chen (2d) from Glasgow and Polish player Jakub Ziomko (1d) from Aberdeen.

Two further prizes for three wins were awarded to Ben Lloyd (3k Edinburgh) and Ron Bell (5k Borders).


12-Dec: UK youth team lose to Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia

The UK Youth team had an exciting match today against the combined team of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. First to finish was Aidan on board 4 who played a solid game and claimed a straight forward win. We then lost on board 1 where Elom had a tough game against a 3 dan opponent. With the score 1-1 we needed a win on one of the two U16 boards. Both Charlotte and Edmund had exciting games which looked to be going their way after the opening. Charlotte had killed a large group and Edmund had mapped out a massive moyo. Unfortunately their opponents fought back strongly and we could not hold onto the advantage in either game leaving us 1-3 down with board 5 to play. Rather oddly neither board 5 managed to turn up online. Wenzhou for the UK...

05-Dec: Facebook developing a Go-playing program

The Facebook AI Research group have submitted this paper for publication at ICLR 2016 (a conference in Puerto Rico in May). So the rumours of their developing a Go-playing program are correct!

As they say - it's not up to the best commercial programs yet, but it's probably around 4 Dan ...

Better Computer Go Player with Neural Network and Long-term Prediction.

Play it on KGS - darkforest and darkfores1.

05-Dec: Ruizhu Wu wins at Warwick Uni

Local club player Ruizhu Wu (5d) won the Coventry Tournament at Warwick University. He beat Guoqiang Sun (5d Warwick Uni) into second place by winning their game in the final round. Former club organiser Bruno Poltronieri (4d Cambridge) took third place. Andre Cockburn (6k Nottingham) won all three games, as did Simon Andre (8k Leicester). Edmund Smith (8k Cambridge) took the junior prize.

Despite a late start thanks to the car delivering sets getting stuck in traffic on what was a rather windy day, the 38 players were able to leave by 19:00 even if they stayed for the prize-...

02-Dec: UK Junior team to play Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia....

The UK Junior team is currently lying in 9th place of the 12 teams in the European Youth Go Online Team Championship with two rounds to go. The UK will be playing the combined team of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia in round 3 which is scheduled for Saturday 12 December. This is likely to be a close match with our strength in depth on the U12 boards countered by their U20 strength so the two U16 boards are likely to be critical.

30-Nov: Bexfield Family Double at South London Tournament

The Bexfield family managed to have the winner in each of the two sections at the South London Tournament. Alison (1d) won the four-player teachers' section and Charlotte (10k) won the 16-player handicap section. Both wins were awarded by the lowest grade tie-break, Alison from Alex Rix and Tim Hunt, and Charlotte from Paolo Capriotti (5k Nottingham). The lowest graded players on two wins, who also won prizes, were David Siegwart, Ben Murphy, Francesco Chiarini, and Ryan Nguyen.



23-Nov: Oscar Selby wins Youth

The 2015 British Youth Go Championships (BYGC) featured 34 competitors, aged from 6 to 17 (including two foreign players currently resident in the UK), with strengths from 2 dan to 35 kyu.
King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham, was again the venue, thanks to Andrew Russell.
All games were played on full-sized (19 by 19) boards.

To determine the overall winner, Oscar Selby had to play and beat Alex Terry in a rapid play-off game.

Section Winners (Runners Up)

Youth Champion: Oscar Selby (...

22-Nov: "Go Is the Game Machines Can’t Beat. Google’s Artificial Intelligence Whiz Hints That His Will."

An interesting article from <re/code> by Mark Bergen:

"When the world’s smartest researchers train computers to become smarter, they like to use games. Go, the two-player board game born in China more than two millennia ago, remains the nut that machines still can’t crack.

Enter Google’s nerds. Demis Hassabis, the artificial intelligence savant behind Google DeepMind, hinted in a video interview that his secretive team has cracked Go."

Read the whole article here:

22-Nov: UK Youth Go Team win 3-2 against Poland

The UK Youth Go team played Poland in the first round of the four round European Youth Online Team Championship and won 3-2. Lawrence had a tough game on board 1 against a strong dan player on the U18 board. However our strength in the U16s paid off with both Oscar and Alex winning their U16 boards. Both U12 boards were evenly matched in paper. Aidan had a close defeat but Alexander gained an easy win to clinch the match. The team will be playing Czechia next on 28 November.

21-Nov: BGJ 173 now available

The Autumn 2015 edition of the British Go Journal, number 173, is now available in the members' area as a PDF and should be soon arriving in the post with members (except for electronic only members).

16-Nov: Jitka wins at Stormy Three Peaks

The Three Peaks went very well at its current location of the Commodore in Grange-over-Sands, though it was a very wet and windy weekend. 32 players took part.

As organiser Bob Bagot is moving away from the town, next year will either have a new organiser or a new venue. Any volunteers contact Bob.

Jitka Bartova (2d Leamington) won the tournament with five wins out of five. Richard Hunter (2d Bristol) came second with four wins. Other prizes to Eggert Fruchtenicht (10k) for 5/5, Dave Horan (7k Chester) for 4/5 and Anthony Pitchford (10k Chester) for 3/4.

Roger Daniel gallantly declined the wine or chocolates offered to him for being the first to enter.


11-Oct: Yet Another Wall Win

The first Sheffield Go Tournament was surprisingly well attended (by 39), which meant they could afford to make modest cash prizes to the winner and runner-up. The winner was Alistair Wall (2d) and the runner up was Paul Smith (1d). On three wins were Matt Marsh (5k), Colin Maclennan (9k) and youth player Zaki Betesh (15k). The youth players were also awarded prizes for two wins (Jacob Haynes (15k), Daniel Gascoyne (18k), Tom Bradbury (19k) and Adam Powell (22k)). Lily Danson won a prize for being the youngest female player in the tournament. In a 13 by 13 side tournament, the overall winner was 10-year-old Edmund Smith (8k) and 10-year-old Yusuf Hussain (22k) played the most games – both won small cash prizes.


27-Sep: Exciting Start to British Title Match

There was a very exciting start to the British Go Championship Title Match on Saturday 26th September. It was between the top two players from the Challengers' League: Andrew Kay (5d) who is current Champion and Andrew Simons (4d). It was held in Cambridge, thanks to Geoff Kaniuk, with help of others from Cambridge Go Club, and was broadcast live on KGS.

By lunchtime, most people watching felt that Andrew Simons (playing black after winning nigiri) was comfortably ahead. However it was a quite remarkable game, with big exchanges and ko...