British Go Journal No. 41. May 1978. Page 3a.

Football, tennis, golf, chess, Go in Japan, are widely popular because they are played by the young, who have enthusiasm and time on their side, and because they have many star players to inspire, set standards and attract the mass of players whose keenness exceeds their ability. As long as the stars shine, or a new star like Bobby Fischer appears, the game flourishes and grows. If the stars fade, the entire body becomes weak and sick.

The BGA is taking steps to promote Go among the young, as Brian Castledine reports in his Presidents Notes, below.

As yet there are no stars in British Go. Players with ability, certainly, but to be a star requires much more than natural talent. Dedication and hard work, which do not preclude enjoyment, are necessary to realise fully even the most outstanding natural gift. Among the stronger British players, Mathew Macfadyen and Tony Goddard have both been very successful recently. We wish them further successes on the road to Go mastery, and hope that other will join them.


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