Berry v Green

British Go Journal No. 41. May 1978. Page 18.

A stylish game in some ways, this game includes a terrible strategic blunder. The very idea of White 26-28 is entirely misconceived; because White is placing two heavy stones inside black's territory, he can only expect to be severely attacked. He is lucky to survive, but it does him no good. Just look at the way the Black stones surrounding the two point White group also surround the very large Black centre territory in the final position.

Black: R. Berry, 4k
White: John Green, 4k

Played at the 1978 British Go Congress
The game-file in SGF format.

Figure 1 (1-100)

86 at 55.
[D was not shown in BGJ.]
  • White 20: He should play at the focal point of two moyos, i.e. at 72 or thereabouts. This is more important than the bottom side.
  • Black 23 gets there first!
  • White 26: A very deep invasion and very risky.
  • White 28: Heavy a better sequence would be white 29, black A, white 34, black connects and then white B or C; this gives white a very good chance of living under the single black stone at 5.
  • White 36' should push through at 37, sacrificing three heavy stones and breaking into black's centre.
  • White 38: Terrible, saving two stones when his four stones are such an easy target.
  • Black 39: Better at D. The proverb says, 'attack with a knight's move'.
  • White 40' should be at 50 as black 41' at D would trap white.
  • White* 52-54: This double hane is correct. Black is forced to defend with 57.
    [BGJ had Black 52-54.]
  • Black 61' should be at 62 for a better chance of killing White.
  • Black 71: This is unnecessary. White cannot escape in this direction.
  • Black 85: Black cannot fight the ko as white has too many local ko threats.
  • Black 87: Black 89 would be more normal. 87 is very close to white's position.
Figure 2 (101-191)

  • Black 101: This is optimistic, but ...
  • White 102: ... This should be at E to prevent Black connecting underneath at 182, leaving white with only one eye.
  • Black 103 fails to make the obvious connection.
  • White 112: White is short of time and this move and the sequence that follows allows black to consolidate his central territory.
  • White 132: White must resist at 133 and fight. The game is now lost for White.

Black won by 28 points on move 226.


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