A Game From Linz

British Go Journal No. 54. October 1981. Page 4.

Black: Richard Granville, 1d
White: Pascal Reysset, 2d

The game-file in SGF format.

Richard Granville, one of our newest Shodans, did well in the main tournament at Linz, though not quite up to Apeldoorn standards. This game is from the second round, he has black against Pascal Reysset, 2 Dan from Paris. Comments are by Richard, based partly on a discussion of the game with Jon Diamond.

Fig 1 (1-100)

  • Black 15: A is a good alternative.
  • Black 21: Awful. This must be at A.
  • Black 29: Capping at 46 is simpler. The reduction in White's territory would be adequate since Black can slide in from both sides.
  • Black 45: 49 would be better shape.
  • White 56 should be at 58.
  • Black 69: A blunder. Black must extend to 150. ( see 'shapes' - Ed. )
  • Black 83: Extending to B is better.
  • Black 99: Premature. Black should defend around 100.
Fig 2 (101-168)

142 below 141 at triangle, 154 ko at 150, 157 ko, 158 below 123 at square, 159 captures 2 stones at circle, 160 ko at 150, 163 ko, 165 connects at 150.
  • Black 105: Better one point to the right of 162 (White 104 was a threat to play 162, cutting Black off ).

168 moves recorded. White resigned soon afterwards.

(The reader may be excused for wondering what, exactly the players were trying to do during the final fight. Here, for what it is worth, is an attempt to read their thoughts:

With 99 Black made a heavy group, so White sets up a splitting attack by chasing the lower black group towards the upper one (100 - 106) then cutting off the upper one (108). Black is not interested in simply making eyes and starts a counterattack (111). White replies by threatening the left side (112 - 114) keeping Black separated. Black decides to live on a grand scale by cutting off all White's upper stones (117). White keeps him separated (118 - 122) and then tries a probe on the left which doesn't work (124 - 127). Black cuts off the White group in sente (129 - 132) and sets about taking away White's eyes - he has decided that his group on the upper side is safe. White tries to attack that group at the same time as gaining eyepace ( or liberties - he may be able to win a huge semeai by capturing the big group in the centre ). Black carries on taking away eyes (139) and keeps his own group alive by capturing three white stones (143 - 149). By now White's only chance lies in the ko (148 - 154). This ko is huge. White seems to get a bit confused during the ko fight, and ends up capturing only a few stones, while letting Black break into both of his large territories. (M. Macfadyen.) )


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