Some reasons for going to a European Go Congress

British Go Journal No. 54. October 1981. Page 5.

Alison [Cross?]

It's not always a long way, Austria's a couple of days away by carload-of-go-players (or alternatively by trainload of go players) and that's the furthest away from London it's been. Nor is it too expensive when you travel together - the more / the merrier / the cheaper.

You'll probably find when you get there that you already know several of the other players - many of them have been to the London Open - and if you don't you will in a couple of days. Sleeping, eating, drinking and playing go in the same place promotes a high level of social intimacy.

Some people go every year. One of the pleasures of going next year is to meet the friends you made last year. The number of women who go is on the increase, making the balance of the sexes more normal (and more sociable).

This year several players brought their families (including Francis Roads and Jon Diamond) for whom day-trips and entertainments were laid on by the organisers. Everyone seemed to welcome the addition of an extremely youthful element - the 9 dans of the future.

Go isn't the only game that gets played. Cards were very popular in Linz, and by the early hours of the morning most people will play anything.

The exchange rates are in our favour at the moment so you can exploit the culinary possibilities of local hostelries without severe depletion of the pocket.

See you in Copenhagen next year.


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