British Go Journal No. 54. October 1981. Page 14.

British Championship

Matthew Macfadyen has won the British Championship for a third successive year. He beat Terry Stacey by a margin of 3 wins to 2. The first four games were played in London, the first two of which are published earlier this issue. The third game was won by Matthew, the fourth see-sawed wildly but was finally won by Terry by 3.5 points. The final game was played at Matthew's new home in Cornwall and on his home territory he scored a resounding victory by 20.5 points. A curious feature of the series is that all five games were won by white.

Northern League Results Table

  Played Won Drawn Lost Games Points
Leeds 12 9 2 1 32.5 22
Huddersfield 12 8 2 2 33 19
Manchester 12 6 2 4 27 15
Hull 12 5 4 3 28 14
Canute 12 5 1 6 22 14
York 12 2 5 5 21 12
Nottingham 12 3 1 8 18.5 12
Newcastle 12 1 1 10 10 4

British Lightning Championship

The new champion is the same person as the old champion, namely Matthew Macfadyen. He didn't find it so easy this year as he lost a game to Simon Clark leaving him with only 7/8. Jim Bates was on the same score at the end so there was a playoff which Matthew won.

The Not The European Championship

This was a three round tournament and took place at the same time as a more famous event reported earlier in this Journal. The venue was the elegant and exotic home of the Guild of Transcultural Studies and everything, including a splendid lunch, was organised by Judith Beck. The winner was Jim Barty 3/3 with Simon Clark second with 2/3 after a nine stone lightning game playoff.

Northern Congress

This was won by Matthew again, which was fortunate because he forgot to return the trophy from the previous year. Quentin Mills was the best shodan and Piers Shepperson the best 1 kyu.

La Chaux De Fonds

This is a comparatively new tournament but the "big money" prizes attracted a very strong field. Mattern won with 6/6, 2nd came Nan of Korea with 5/6 and 3rd Dieterich on tiebreak with 4/6. The British contingent uniformly managed 3/6. Everything was very ably organized by Marcel Schweizer who obtained sponsorship from no less than 4 local companies.

CLGC Autumnal Tournament

Organized at the IVC by Andrew Grant this attracted about 40 people. Winner with 5/5 was Matthew Macfadyen.


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