Grading List

British Go Journal No. 54. October 1981. Page 16.

6 Dan J.Diamond (London), M.Macfadyen (Reading)
5 Dan A.Goddard (Overseas), P.Prescott (Not known), T.Stacey (Hammersmith)
4 Dan J.Barty (London), J.Bates (London), F.May (London), D.Mitchell (London), R.Ochser (London), A.Pirani (Hammersmith)
3 Dan A.Daly (Overseas), S.Dowsey (Hampstead), T.M.Hall (Overseas), D.Jones (Canute), C.Matthews (Cambridge), R.Moss (Bracknell), F.Roads (Woodford), O.Roberts (Hammersmith), D.Sutton (Reading), D.Wells (London)
2 Dan J.Allen (London), R.Berry (Huddersfield), J.Clare (Reading), C.Clement (Harwell), B.Chandler (Overseas), P.Fage (London), J.Fairbairn (London), J.Faraway (Cambridge), H.Fearnley (Oxford), D.Goto (London), M.Hollings (Malvern), D.Hunter (Reading), T.Manning (London), J.McLeod (London), F.Pratt (Not known), K.Seaman (Southampton), J.H.Smith (Birmingham), P.J.Smith (Reading), R.J.Smith (Cheltenham), A.P.Stout (Not known), J.Tilley (Overseas), N .Webber (London))
1 Dan M.Amin (Manchester), S.Bailey (Not known), C.Barwood (Hammersmith), L.Bock (Not known), D.Cann (Coventry), P.Christie (Not known), S.Clark (Hammersmith), J.Cock (Not known), A.Cooper (Not known), M.Culver (Hammersmith), A.Dean (Southampton), P.Dunn (Not known), S.Fawthrop(Overseas), A.Grant (Woodford), C.Grant (London), R.Granville (Malvern), T.Goodey (Overseas), W.Gregory (Coventry), A.Hall (-), A.Harrison (Southampton), H.Harte (Manchester), J.Hawdon (London), T.Hazelden (Hammersmith), R.Hitchens (Bristol), J.Hobson (Baldock), R.Hunter (Overseas), C.Irving (Overseas), H.Lee (London), I. Meiklejohn(London), Q. Mills (Monmouth), T. Oxenham (Overseas), T. Parker (Not known), B. Philp (Birmingham), J. Rastall(London), Mark Roberts (London), Mike Roberts (Bristol), P. Robinson (Malvern), A.Scarff (Reading), C.Stevenson (Overseas), N.Symes (Not known), R.Thompson (London), B.Uzzell (Birmingham), A.Wall (Huddersfield), J.Welch (Bristol))
1 Kyu T.Ainscow (Manchester), D.Artus (London), T.Barker (Manchester), S.Barnes (London), B. Bolton (Ipswich), L.Bremner (Overseas), A. Cross (London), J. Crow (Swale), J.Dawson (Hammersmith), B.Dackombe (Hampstead), K.Dean (Not known), B.Ellis (Hammersmith), G.Gray (Overseas), J.Green (Hammersmith), D.Harper (Cheltenham), P. Hinds (Not known), A.Hosaya (Hammersmith), C.Leedham-Green (Woodford), L.Manley (London), J.Metcalf (Not known), T.Mitchison (Oxford), L.O'Callaghan (London), J.O'Driscoll (Bracknell), J.Patterson (Edinburgh), E.Shaw (Hammersmith), P.Shepperson (Hammersmith), B.Smart (Not known), G.Stott (Cambridge), V.West (Bracknell), M.White, C.Whitehouse (Hammersmith), P. Williams, A.Williamson (Not known), I.Yong (Not known).

Note: Several of the players marked as overseas are playing at grades different from those given above; in such cases the Grading Subcommittee only uses results of games against players already known to us (i.e. Europeans in most cases) and so the grades given are usually those with which the player left the country.

Other Note: The BGA only controls the grades of Dan Players; the above list of 1 kyus is almost certainly incomplete - anyone who thinks they're 1 kyu (or stronger) and are missing from the list should make themselves known to the Grading Subcommittee via the BGA Secretary.


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