British Go Journal No. 54. October 1981. Page 26.

The problems to all these solutions are to be found on pages 19 and 20.

Solution 1

White plays 1 and 3. Black can make a seki but in gote.

Solution 2

Black can force a ko.

Solution 3

Black 1 gains two liberties in effect, since White cannot play on either side after black 5.

Solution 4

White 1 is a famous tesuji and Black cannot save his cutting stones.

Solution 5

White sacrifices a stone at 1, and now Black has no way to get more than two liberties.

Solution 6

Black 1 and 3 may not look much good, but 5 is a tesuji, and however White answers, Black can make two eyes.

Solution 7

Black 1 and 3 are the only way, then White throws in at 4, and the best result for both is a ko.

Solution 8

Black 11 at triangle

Black 1 is the only play which works, and white 2 is the most resilient reply. The extra black stone on the outside is necessary to stop White cutting at 'A' after black 13.


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